Families - Please get your student into our Google Classroom by clicking on the link above. If there is a code needed, use: gwsfw7l (that is a lower case L)


    Work for each week is being posted every mOnday morning in Google Classroom under Classwork - students can respond directly on the worksheets that are under Classwork - no emailing involved.


    We are meeting every weekday in Google Hangouts through Google Classroom at 2:00 - it is a time for studnets to say hello to each other, share what they've been doing, and have a bit of normalcy to their day. The link will be posted each day on the Google Classroom Stream just before 2:00. As more studnets join, we are all realizing that it will be important for students to mute themselves if there is going to be background noise. They can unmute when they want to speak. I look forward to seeing all of you every day!