Online Class Updates

  • Schools are closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.

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  • 04/14/2020

    All of my classes are now on Google Classroom. This switch began yesterday, April 14, 2020. I will continue to post online clas updates here to keep you informed with what is happening in my classes; however, I will no longer be maintaining the assignment and class material pages on the class websites. Your student needs to log into Google Classroom daily for class announcements, materials, assignments.

    • AVID has a new goal-setting outline assignment. Students are to fill out a worksheet to develop a plan to acheive their end-of-year goal.
    • Guitar & Percussion should be following the instructional videos I have been creating on YouTube. These videos are unlisted on YouTube, so that the general public will be unsuccessful searching for them. The only way to access these videos is with a URL. Students must log into their Google Classroom account where I will be posting a new video every two to three days depending on the length of the video and to give students time to practice the music on their own before moving forward with new material. Students should be practicing daily for a minimum of 20 minutes per day.
    • Band classes have all of their music listed on Google Classroom. This music includes scales, etudes, and sheet music. I will be posting general assignments for students to keep up with one another in terms of rehearsal numbers with the sheet music. Again, the goal is to have students record themselves performing the music so that I can combine all of the recordings and create an online band. You student does need to practice this music, but they are not required to be part of the video. This music will be part of next year's advanced band concert repertoire.

    Google Classroom Assignment Submission

    Above is a video link that goes through the assignment submission process for Google Classroom. All assignments for all classes should be submitted through the Google Classroom. When your student opens up the assignment, there are attachments in the top-right corner under the tile labeled "Your Work." Here, your student will find any documents I attached to the assignment for them to either read, take notes on, or complete. If it is a .PDF file, you can open it up in Adobe Acrobat Reader and create text boxes to write in it. You will need to save any downloadable documents as a new document to upload it with the student's work. If the student is printing out documents and hand-writing answers, then they must take a picture or scan the work and upload it by clicking the "+ Add or Create" button. This is the same if they take notes and are to upload their notes for me to see. Students can also create different types of Google Documents using the "+ Add or Create" feature. Once they have completed their work, save the file, uploaded the file, then click the "Turn In" button. Please email me with any further questions.

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  • 04/08/2020

    I sent out an mass email to all students and parents this morning. Please email me back at, so that I know you received this email and that I have a working email for you for future contacts. A simple, "Hello, this is (your name here) and my student is (student's name). I received your email!" would be great. Below is the message I sent out this morning.

    Good Morning Students and Families,

    I hope everybody is doing well at home. I'm doing well and have been enjoying my time rekindling my love for cooking by creating my own dishes and experimenting with new ones. I have a few things to share with you in hopes this will help students in their success with completing work at home and staying organized. This week I am moving everything from my school website to the Google Classroom. This morning, I have added all students to their respective classes where they will find all of their assignments and materials. Please have your student accept my classroom invitation by this Friday. I am still in the process of getting all materials loaded onto Google Classrooms, which may still take me a couple of days. All of AVID's materials are up-to-date and ready to go on the website. I will be adding more soon. Beginning Monday, April 13, Google Classroom will be the primary resource for ALL students and classes to receive assignments, resources, and materials for their classes; however, I will continue to utilize my school website to communicate with you for regular updates. Please visit my website regularly throughout the week, so you know what has been added to my Google Classroom pages.

    My Teacher Homepage:

    My Online Updates:

    As you have probably already experienced with other classes that use Google Classroom, this is a great tool for students to collaborate with one another and for them to communicate with me within their own class. Google Classroom allows students to complete forms and documents online and submit them without having to print out too many materials. I will do my best to make AVID documents compatible with the variety of Google Documents, but many are already created and in PDF form. If this is an issue, please let me know so I can have class materials mailed to your students. I want to help however I can. There will be times where students will need to take notes on physical sheets of paper, but the process will remain the same. Any physical work your student does, have them either scan it or take a picture of their work and then upload that file to the assignment that they are completing through the Google Classroom. This goes for practice logs as well. If your student is turning in a physical practice log, have them either take a picture of it or scan it, then upload that document to the assignment through the Google Classroom. I will be listing practice logs as weekly assignments, and the rules will be the same as the when we are meeting in the physical classroom. Students are to complete a practice log Monday through Sunday. It is due on the following Monday; however, they have until that following Friday to submit it online. Here's an example: This week's practice log began on Monday, April 6th. It is due on Monday, April 13, and the student has until Friday, April 17 to turn it in online.

    This Friday, April 10, from 7:30 AM to 10:00 AM, the Coronado Music Department is hosting our second and last instrument pick-up for the quarter. If your student does not have an instrument at home, please do what you can to stop by and borrow an instrument or pick up the instrument your student may have left at the school and you are renting. This is for instruments only. Students are not allowed on campus to pick up other personal belongings. The Coronado Administration is handling lockers and personal belongings. This 7:30 AM - 10:00 AM instrument pick-up window is an open window, so please come when it is most convenient for you within that time period. Both you and your student must be present to pick up an instrument. There is paperwork you must fill out if you are borrowing a school instrument. That form is attached to this email. All you need to do is fill in your contact information and sign it at the bottom. The teachers will fill out the instrument information when your student picks up their instrument. If you are unable to fill this out at home, we will have copies at the school for you. Please be aware that this process may take some time if a lot of families show up at the same time because we are only allowing one student into each classroom at a time to maintain CDC guidelines. We recommend face masks if possible and gloves for the students handling the instruments. We will be wiping instruments down as well. School instruments must be returned between May 11-15, from 7:30 AM to 9:00 AM each morning of that week in the Band Room. Please follow the following list so you know where to pick up your instrument:

    Elementary Music Room: 4th Grade Band

    Band Room: 5th-8th Grade Band, Guitar, Percussion (if you need sticks)

    Orchestra Room: 4th-8th Grade Orchestra

    We, the Coronado Music teachers, thank you for your patience with this instrument pick-up process and I thank all of you for your patience with me as I build these online classrooms. My last request of you parents and guardians, please reply to this email with a "Hello, this is (your full name). I got your email!" so that I know that you did receive it and I know that your email works too. I would greatly appreciate that. As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me. Thank you again.


    Michael Shaheen
    Band & Percussion/AVID
    Coronado Middle School

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  • 04/07/2020

    I have two announcements for the day:

    1. The Coronado Music Department will be having a second instrument pick-up day.
      • This is happening on Friday, April 10, 2020
      • 7:30 AM to 10:00 AM
      • This is an open-window event, so come whenever is best for you, as long as it is within those times.
      • Elementary Music Room: 4th Grade Band
      • Room 306: 5th-8th Grade Band, Percussion (If you need to borrow sticks), Guitar
      • Orchestra Room: 4th-8th Grade Orchestra
      • We are only allowing one student into each classroom at a time, so please be patient.
      • We will not be having any more school-wide instrument pick-up days after this Friday.
      • Instrument returns will be May 11-15, 7:30 AM to 9:00 AM each morning of that week.
    2. Percussion instructional guide videos have been posted. There is a new page under the percussion tab labeled "Assignments" where you will find my videos as I create them. The goal of these assignments is to help keep everybody together as we learn each piece of music. Follow the instructions of the video, and also practice on your own. If you don't have sticks to practice, be sure to come to my classroom this Friday and grab some sticks from me. You will need to return the sticks to me at the end of this quarter. For now, you can practice using your hands by hand-tapping the rhythms and vocalizing rhythms. Practice with what you have! Don't forget to write down what you practice into your practice log, and then email me your completed log each Monday.
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  • 04/06/2020

    Happy Monday! I've been receiving a few emails from you asking me if I have a Google Classroom, and my answer is not yet. It is coming! I will be spending much of my time this week and some of next week to move everything that I have on this website over to Google Classroom. This will take some because I do have six different classes that I need to create and build individual classrooms for each one of them. The goal here is that it will be a lot easier for students to submit their work, communicate with me a bit more directly, and have contained classes so students know where to go and how to get information. Google Classroom is completely new to me, so there will be a learning curve on my part. Again, I ask for your patience.

    • Guitar students can now access lessons on the website! The first one has been posted and it needs to be completed by Wednesday. Today, you should be learning the material, tomorrow is a review of the material, and Wednesday we move on to the next couple of pages. I have created the first couple of videos! Play along to those videos if you would like. You should pause the video when you need to in order to practice the music you have not quite mastered. Then once you do, begin the video right where you left off! You will notice that my playing is not perfect and that is because I am learning with you! I've never gotten this far in the book before, so this is brand new territory for all of us. Also, I am holding off on another song-writing project, but please continue to write music if that is what you desire to do! I would love to hear what you create.
    • Band classes! I will get your Google Classroom going first so that way I can distribute individual parts of "Fanfare for the Common Man" securely. This will be a fun project for us to do together (but separately) by you learning your music, then recording yourself playing the music. I will compile all of the recordings together and hopefully we will have an online band! I have also invited the Ironwood Ridge High School music program to join us on this project, and it sounds like Mr. Hodge and Mr. Knepper are on board! So, this will be a fun experiment.
    • Percussion, I will be posting videos going through the music starting with "Batterie." These videos will serve as a guide to help you learn your snare parts. I believe in a previous post, I had said we'll do one song a week... I do not know if that is a realistic goal as of right now, but we can try! I want to keep a pace that is quick but is also manageable for your education and balancing it with your other classes. You do not have to follow the videos if you don't want to. Just keep in mind the goal is to be able to play each snare part with the recordings.
    • AVID students, you should have completed your Binder Check, notes for Goal Setting, and also your Time Log from last week. Take pictures of these assignments and email them to me! You have a Time Log Reflection that is due on Wednesday; please email me your completed reflection. If you have not done your Time Log, do it this week beginning today. I will have your next assignment posted by Wednesday and it will be due Friday. Those are the only things I have for you until next week.

    Once again, if you have any questions about anything, please email me! I will get back to you as quickly as I can. Now go wash your hands!

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  • 04/03/2020

    • Hal Leonard Guitar Method Book 2 recordings have been added to the guitar website! Starting next week, I will be posting week-long goals with daily benchmarks to keep pace through the Book 2 material. As always, you may work ahead, but you need to at least keep up with my assignments. Be sure to log in your work on the practice log! You can find Book 2 in the Complete Edition from pages 50 through 95. Use the recordings I posted or the Hal Leonard Access code to help you practice your music.
    • Percussion music is posted! You can find Snare Drum music to print out to practice. You are now responsible for practicing this music. When the music requires multiple instruments (such as Multitasker), get creative and search around your house for secondary sounds that differentiate from your primary playing surface. This is a great opportunity for you to experiment with found sounds. If you need brushes (trap door), just flip your sticks around and pretend as though you've switched sticks. The idea is that you practice going through the motions even if you don't have all of the correct materials. I would like you to begin with Batterie and learn each song over the course of each week. If a piece has multiple parts, just choose one unless you are feeling ambitious, then absolutely play as much as you can. Don't forget to write in your rhythms and use the Percussion Ensemble recordings so you can play along!
    • Intermediate and Advanced Band, I will be posting ensemble music soon! Considering the time, I believe it is an ideal time for us to put together Aaron Copland's "Fanfare for the Common Man" and either try and do a virtual band of this or begin preparing it for next year. Please be on the lookout in your emails for this music. Here is a link to a recording of the music: "Fanfare for the Common Man" - The President's Own United States Marine Band
    • If anybody needs any class materials sent home from the school please email me and let me know so that I can get them to you!
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  • 04/02/2020

    • Students who were not able to pick up their instruments on Tuesday, there will not be another pick-up day available due to Gov. Ducey's statewide Shelter-In-Place that went into effect on Tuesday evening. We are trying to come up with an alternative solution at this time, if there is one. I am sorry for the inconvenience.
    • The audio for the Hal Leonard Guitar Method Complete Edition is available on my Guitar Class Page under the assignments. I have uploaded audio from Book 1 directly to the website and I will begin uploading audio from Book 2 today. Students will have more flexibility with the audio by accessing the Hal Leonard Guitar Method website with the link and access code I provided. The website allows students to adjust the tempo of the music, change the key, and create repeat points to focus on smaller sections of music. New assignments will be posted beginning Monday. Students are to review everything we covered in Book 1 that needs attention.
    • Percussion warm-up drills are also posted online, I will be adding snare sheet music and recordings for students to begin working on their own. Students just need a pair of sticks and can practice on any surface that allows the sticks to rebound.
    • I have spoken with both Mr. Hodge and Mr. Knepper about incoming freshmen. We are working together to provide 8th graders materials that are will help transition them into high school. These materials may include music the high school will be performing next year, warm up exercises, and technique-builders.
    • AVID assignments are posted! Please go to the AVID Assignments tab to see what is due and possibly overdue. Please work at your own pace, but do not fall behind. If you have any questions, email me!
    • The best way to get assignments to me is by taking a picture with a phone or scanning the documents, then email them to me. This eliminates trips to the school! I haven't found one yet, but I am hoping there is a way to for students to upload materials to my website and I can take it from there. I will let you know if I find this solution.
    • Take care of yourselves and practice self-care (and your instrument)!
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  • 03/27/2020

    Mr. Ball has sent out an email to the school with instrument pick-up instructions. We will be conducting instrument pick-ups on Tuesday, March 31, 2020. When you arrive at the school, enter the West lane and you will be given further instructions at the cougar statue. We are only allowing one student into each classroom at a time. The rooms to pick-up instruments will be the band room, the orchestra room, and Ms. Porteous's room (4th grade band only). If you are borrowing a school instrument, you and your parent/guardian will need to sign a District Instrument Agreement Form even if you've already filled one out for one of my classes this school year. This is because a couple of instruments are shared with multiple students and also for me to keep track of our school instruments when it is time to return them back to the school. If you left your personal instrument at the school, you do not need to fill out any paperwork. Below is the schedule to get your instrument on Tuesday, March 31, 2020:

    Middle School Band and Orchestra: 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
    4th and 5th Grade Band and Orchestra: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    Middle School Guitar: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

    Guitar students will be getting a book along with their guitar. You are responsible for both of these items. Please refer to the guitar website for instructions and assignments. Please email me with any questions you may have regarding this process. Again, thank you for your patience.

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  • 03/26/2020

    • Intermediate Band and Advanced Band materials have been posted. You can find All-State Scales and Etudes under the band tabs. I understand a few of you may have left your instruments at the school. I am working with Mr. Ball to see if there is a way you can pick up your instruments. For now, please do your best to begin studying the etudes by writing in the rhythms. Further instructions are included in the All-State Scales and Etudes tab.
    • The Structural Elements for Songwriting have been posted for the guitar class. This outlines the parts of a song. For now, stick to including at least two verses, and a chorus repeated twice. The rest is up to you. I am in the process of writing more in-depth instructions to complete this project. I will provide another update when it is posted.
    • I will have Percussion and Advanced Percussion updated next. I should have the 5-minute drill recordings up soon, along with written music. I will also have more challenging material that follows the Intermediate and Advanced Band's mock-regional audition etudes for you to practice. I will post another update when it is all ready.
    • Please email me if you have any questions:
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  • 03/25/2020

    • The AVID class assignments have been updated with new due dates. No new assignments have been added at this time. I am working on a way to have materials turned in, but that is looking unlikely. Please keep all completed assignments in your AVID Binder and I will check for them when we return.
    • Guitar students, we will begin individual song-writing projects. This will follow the same format as third quarter. Guitars are not needed at this time. I will have further instructions uploaded by tomorrow.
    • Advanced Band and Intermediate Band students should be playing at least 20 minutes a day on whatever material is of interest. I will be uploading mock-regional audition content for you to practice at home. This should be available for you by tomorrow.
    • Percussion students, please go through your five-minute warm-ups. I will be uploading sound files and music to the percussion page throughout this week.

    I will provide more updates on this page as I upload more content for classes. 

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  • 03/23/2020

    I am currently constructing my website and I hope to have everything completed by Thursday, March 26, 2020. Assigned homework will be distributed no later than next Monday, March 30, 2020. Intermediate Band and Advanced Band students should be playing their instruments for at least 20 minutes a day on whatever material interests them. More structured practice time and material will be available in the coming days. Please check back here frequently for more updates and thank you for your patience at this time. I wish you and your family good health and safety.

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