• Update: March 22, 2020

    Dear Amphitheater District Community:

    The recent weeks have demonstrated how incredibly unpredictable these times are, and how important it is that we all stay very aware of the very latest developments and their impacts upon our lives.  That is certainly true with respect to our schools and the education of our children.  I am therefore writing to provide you with another update on the near future in our District.

    Just a few days ago, Governor Ducey extended the closure of Arizona’s schools until April 13, which will constitute three weeks of closure for Amphitheater after our scheduled Spring Break this past week.  We realize the obvious challenges this presents for your families, just as it presents growing challenges for our schools, teachers and other staff as we work to maintain educational continuity and high-quality learning opportunities for your children.  To meet this challenge will require a wholly different approach which is focused on remote learning.  We ask for your patience as we make this shift, because it will require substantial adjustments in teacher planning and student differentiation.  We also recognize that remote learning carries its own inherent burdens for families, so we will be doing our very best to concentrate our efforts on lessons which provide the most important learning impacts.

    For this coming week, March 23 to 27, our focus will be to help you keep your students engaged in the learning process through educational enrichment activities and programs.  You will find a significant number of resources available to support your students on our District website, and we will also be making allowances for students who have limited access to technology.  In addition, your child’s teacher or school may also post suggested resources on their individual school or classroom websites.  In the weeks that follow this coming week, we will begin implementation of remote learning strategies.

    Please also be aware that we care about all of your child’s needs, and we are mindful that some students will need the assurances of our school breakfast and lunch programs.  Our website contains additional information about how students can obtain free meals each school day throughout the system-wide closure at each of 12 specific school sites, whether they attend school at those sites or not.

    For generations, we have not seen a moment like the one we find ourselves in together right now. I have every belief that we will weather this time and emerge on the other end all the stronger for it.  It remains our honor, privilege and sacred obligation to help you care for your children now more than ever. 

    Yours sincerely,

    Todd A. Jaeger, J.D.