• Welcome! We are currently doing Remote Learning by Necessity until school reopens.


    Class assignments and all other coursework can be found on Google Classroom.

    Before logging into Google Classroom, make sure you have the following information available:


    • Student ID number (ex: 300967375)
    • Password (all students should know their unique password)


    The username is Student ID Number@student.amphi.com (ex. 300654321@student.amphi.com)

    The password is unique to each student (ex. MrYoung321)


    All students currently have access to Google Classroom. Each student's classroom code depends on which class period they are enrolled in. 


    Most students will not need to join the classroom, since they have already been added into it by myself. However, if you did not receive an email from me with your class Zoom link, or you are a new student and aren't sure what to do, please email me at ryoung@amphi.com and I will help you get set up in Google Classroom and Zoom.

    All student grades will still be found on Tyler and grades will be updated weekly.

    Below are the links to my classrooms.


    Google Classroom:                  https://classroom.google.com/


    Make sure to log in using your class Zoom link EVERY DAY at the start of class so I can mark you present. On Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri, class starts at:

    8:15am    2nd period

    9:25am    3rd period

    10:35am  4th period

    12:15pm  5th period

    1:25pm    6th period

    2:35pm    7th period

    *Note: Wednesdays have a different schedule; I will talk about that during our Zoom class.