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    At Home Virtual Learning Schedule


    Watch the School Morning Announcements on Seesaw before 8:00.

    Attend the 8:00 Zoom meeting with your class.


    For the remainder of the morning:

    Complete one Waterford Reading session (link is on Website Resources page)

    Work on assigned activities (Seesaw or paper)

    Attend your Zoom reading group session with Mrs. Parkey

    (Tuesday Only - Complete Library Specialist Assignment on Seesaw)



    Complete the assigned Math Lesson on Seesaw

    (Tuesday Only - Instead of Math Lesson attend 11:30 Zoom meeting with your class)


    For the remainder of the afternoom:

    Work on assigned activities (Seesaw or paper)

    Complete one Waterford Math session (link is on Website Resources page)

    Attend your Zoom math group session with Mrs. Parkey*

    Complete the Specialst activity for the day on Seesaw (see schedule below)*

     Review letter, number and shape flashcards for 10 minutes*

    Attend your individual Zoom meeting with Mrs. Parkey (if scheduled)*

    * Do not complete on Tuesdays


    Specialist Schedule

    Monday - PE

    Tuesday - Library

    Wednesday - Art

    Thursday - STEM

    Friday - Music