• Hello Amphi Students and Families,

    We are currently doing Remote Learning by Necessity (Online School) to start the spring 2nd semester of the 2020-2021 school year

    All work for my classes will be posted to Google Classroom. Students have already been enrolled in their Google Classrooms.

    Students should have an email in their Amphi Google email (@student.amphi.com) with instructions.

    Please contact me (sreed@amphi.com) if you were not automatically enrolled in a classroom.

    Once you access Google Classroom, there will be a Zoom link that will take you to the Zoom video meeting for your class at the assigned period.

    Make sure that you join the Zoom video meeting, on time, at the beginning of your class period each day.

    Please make sure you are logged into your school email (@student.amphi.com) account.

    If you have any questions or need support you can email me at: sreed@amphi.com

    Mr. Reed 

    REMEMBER during the instability and challenge to our lives and worldviews this crisis brings, EXERCISE and ACTIVITY is ESSENTIAL to keep both our MINDS and BODIES functioning to meet, get through and thrive after this challenge !