• Advanced and regular classes:  Please check the advanced or regular 7th assignments page for details about your work in May. The advanced classes are finishing Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry (chapters 11-12) and the regular classes are finishing A Wrinkle in Time (chapters 11-12).

    There is no written work this week, but if you're able to, please show up for Tuesday's Zoom meeting to wrap up our book discussion and to say goodbye before the summer. Find the May 19 Zoom meeting links in Google Classroom.

     9:30, period 1 and 2, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

    11:30, periods 4-7, A Wrinkle in Time

    Optional written work for chapters 5-10 was loaded to Google Classroom last week.   Wednesday, 5/13.  Please complete this anytime by Tuesday evening, 5/19.

    IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT GRADING: Scores for April's Google Classroom work will be entered into Parent/Student Portal Monday and Tuesday.  After Monday, 5/18, if you complete any make-up work for April, please email Ms. Lefevre through the Google Classroom email (or klefevre@amphi.com) to let her know you have done that.  May's Google Classroom work will be entered on Wednesday, 5/20, and again, you have until Tuesday evening to complete anything due in May.