• Family Resources During School Closures


    Holaway Elementary Grab and Go Breakfast and Lunch Mon- Friday during school closures 10:00am – 1:00pm. Free for all children under 18 years old

    Community Food Bank – Drive through, limited touch, food box distribution Tuesday - Friday from 9:00am - 1:00pm. 3003 S. Country Club Rd. Tucson, AZ 85713 (520) 622-0525


    Arizona Department of Economic Security for unemployment benefits. Visit des.az.gov or call

    Pima County One Stop Career Center helps with job searches and training for new jobs, and provides relocation funding, etc. Call 520-724-7700 or email business.services@pima.gov.

    Community Action Partnership - Rent and utility assistance and can also help with health care needs like prescription medicines, etc. 520-724-2667.

    Chicanos Por La Causa - housing and rental assistance. Visit cplc.org or call 520-882-0018.

    Interfaith Community Services can help with clothing, food and utilities. Visit icstucson.org or
    call 520-297-6049.

    Salvation Army Tucson can also help with basic needs like food, clothing and utilities. Visit salvationarmytucson.org or call 520-795-9671. Amphi Corp location on Prince Rd 888-1299

    Free Wifi Hotspot and Internet Opportunities

    Xfinity is offering free wifi hotspots in their service area for 60 days (North of Roger Rd) for 60 days. When searching for a network, the specific network will pop up. Wifi name is xfinitywifi

    Cox is offering one month of free internet to eligible families (19.99/moth after) https://www.cox.com/residential/internet.html

    Comcast Internet Essentials. No Contract internet service for eligible families for $9.95/months with the first 2 month free due to current crisis. Apply from your mobile device at https://www.internetessentials.com/apply

    COVID-19 State Hotline A COVID-19

    hotline has been set up to answer any questions from the public and healthcare providers about testing, symptoms, and any other questions you have about the virus. Call 1-844-542-8201 (State) to reach a health care professional.

    Tips to help support your children through COVID- 19

    1. Be calm and proactive While may of us as parents feel anxious and stressed about everything that is happening- remember that our kids take their emotional cues from us. Do not overshare your fears with your children. Have a calm, proactive conversation with your children about how the COVID-19 will affect their daily life (schools will be closed until 4/10, social distance, etc.) and answer their questions with facts.

    2. Be Available to Listen and let them feel their emotions One of the most important things we can do is listen to our children. Support, normalize and expect that that are sad, frustrated, worried, afraid and uncertain. Remember that children often express these emotions through misbehavior.

    3. Give reassurance Reassure your children that illness due to COVID-19 infection is generally mild, especially for children and young adults. Remind them that there are things we can do to keep ourselves and others safe and to feel in better control of our situation: frequently wash our hands, don't touch our faces and engage in social distancing.

    4. Stick to a routine Children need structure. Structure helps create a sense of safety and security and improves behavior. Create a daily routine that includes playtime, electronic time (phone, tablet, video games), technology-free time, time for school work and reading, family time, quiet time, time for chores and a set bedtime.

    5. Limit their access to news and adult conversations- News is changing daily, and there is much misinformation circulating about COVID- 19 which can be overwhelming for children. Let your children know that the information they may hear or see on social media may not be accurate. Children will be actively seeking out information and it is best for the information they receive to be filtered and come directly from us as parents.

    The Centers for Disease Control have created a parent page specifically to help parents during this time. It includes age appropriate, factual information about COVID- 19 for children as well as ways to speak to children about the disease, and more. Visit their site for a complete guide and more resources https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/schools-childcare/talking-with-children.html

    24 Hour Crisis Line
    This can be an overwhelming time for everyone. If you or someone in your household is struggling with depression, anxiety or any mental health crisis- call the 24 Hour Crisis Line at 622- 6000 for help.