• This pages below will be updated with the general outline of assignments for both Algebra 1 and AP Calculus AB. Please note that due to copyrights I can only post the actual assignemnts in the Google Classroom where only students can access it.

    Algebra 1 Assignment List

    AP Calculus AB Assignment List


    Your student MUST have access to the Google Classroom to complete these assignemtns UNLESS you have contacted me and made other arrangments!


    For the time being my main point of contact will be Google Classroom pages and email. I will keep both the Algebra 1 and AP Calculus AB classrooms updated with the the latest information and assignemnts as necessary. Please check those and email me if you have any questions!

    Link: Google Classroom

    If you haven't joined the google classroom yet, follow these instructions.

    To Join the Google classroom:

    1. Navigate your browser to classroom.google.com
    2. Sign in using your school email address:
      • Email: your_student_id#@student.amphi.com
      • Password: your first name capitalized
    3. If prompted, select “Student”
    4. Click on the + in the top right of the window next to your name.
    5. Enter the class code (email me if you do not have this)

    Note that you must have a valid amphi student ID number to login.


    If you have any questions please send me an email! zwagner@amphi.com