• August 9, 2020


    I sent emails on Thursday with class info. If you didn't get it, please check your spam folder. If it's not there, let me know.


    August 5, 2020

    Dear Parents and Students,

    As we begin this year with the District's "Remote Learning by Necessity" plan, we will be conducting school virtually (online) for a bit.

    We will do this using 2 main tools: Google Classroom and Zoom. If you are having difficulty accessing these services, please refer to the District's "Digital Learning" page for all sorts of guides and tips.


    Our Remote Learning Daily Schedule

    Click the pic for the Remote Learning class schedule.

    Remote Learning Schedule


    Google Classroom


    Your child should already be enrolled in their Google Classroom for my course and will (hopefully) not need a code. I've pre-enrolled them into the class and they should see it as soon as they log on to their student.amphi.com account. If, however, that is not the case, they may enter a code for access. Please see my email dated 8-6-2020 for their class code. Each class period has a specific code so please don't share with other class periods. Click the Google icon to get to Google for log-in.


    Students Aids: If you need your code, email me. I has codes. And cheezburgers.



    We will be conferencing together on Zoom. Students need a webcam, smartphone with a camera, or one of the school's Chromebooks to access this video conferencing service. This is how your students will attend class each day. They must be able to use this service.

    Students DO NOT need to have a Zoom account. The first time it is used they may need to be some clicking to get a small download installed, but after that it is pretty seamless.




    If you haven't already, please sign up for my Remind service.


    McGraw-Hill connectED

    Each student has online access to their textbook here. Students can access this from their Amphi Student account. There is a tab on my site (Online Textbook) that can explain how to access this, but most students should see this from their main page when they get to their My Classes page.