• Coronado Middle School- At Home Physical Education

    Students and Families, 

    Hey physical education students!  Due to the closing of school we have put together some apps that we would like you to download on your cell phones.  All of these apps are free to download and some we have even used in class.  These apps will give you information from physical workouts, yoga workouts, brain workouts, step counter, physical activity tracker, nutrition tracker, and inspirational quotes.  My hope is that you use this information.  Remember the U.S. Department of Health recommends at least 60 minutes of physical activity and three healthy meals every day. Feel free to use any of these apps for credit on your activity logs.

    Coronado PE Choice Board


    1. Nike NTC Nike NTC Training App:  This app has a large amount of physical workouts that students can do with or without weight equipment.  You will need to make an account and then you will have access to free workouts.  Do not pay for any workout.
    2. Yoga Yoga App:  This app has a large amount of yoga workouts that students can do at home.  These workouts are great for working on flexibility.  You may have to make an account on this app.  Do not pay for any workout.
    3. Lumosity Lumosity App:  This app will give you a set of daily brain exercises to do.  This would be a great way to start the day, or before you start work in your core content areas.  Do not purchase any brain games within the app.
    4. Pacer Pacer App:  This app is not similar to the PACER app we use in class.  This app is a step counter.  As long as you have your phone on you when you are moving around during the day, it will count the amount of steps you take every day.  You want to try and get at least 10,000 steps every day.  This app will also give you the amount of calories burned, active time, and miles walked.  This app may be used more when we move deeper into at home physical education.
    5. My Fitness Pal Under Armour- My Fitness Pal App:  This app will give students the capability to track physical activity that they do on a daily basis.  It will also give students the ability to track their nutritional intake on a daily basis. This app may be used more in depth as we move deeper into at home physical education.  After you make your account, the + button on the bottom will allow you to input any information into the app.  Please get familiar with this app.
    6. Motivation Motivation App:  This app will give students an inspirational/motivational quote every day.  We thought this might be a great way to keep morale up during this stressful time.  You can set this app up to send a notification to your phone of the daily quote.
    7. Zombie Zombies, Run App: This app will allow students to virtually get physical activity while running from zombies!!
    8. The Walk The Walk App: Start you journey on The Walk. This app takes students on a virtual journey while walking through your neighborhood or parks.
    9. Sweat Deck Sweat Deck App: This app is basically our workout we do in class, which is called Card Suit Pickup.  Each card represents a specific exercise, which students will follow throughout their workout.


    If you need anything at any during this time apart please email Mr. Retherford.  I will help the best that I can with any issues you may have.


    Mr. Retherford- rretherford@amphi.com