•  Please use this week (May 11th-15th)to check your google classroom class for all instructions. I will be hosting Zoom meetings for all Classes during their scheduled Class times each week.

    Your "Design and Build" assignments will be posted on your google classes, please join the classes with the following codes. I still have vouchers for OSHA10 available for all of Construction level 1.

    Please let me know when you have joined the Google Classroom by posting a "hello" on the STREAM page.

    Thank you!

     Our Google Classroom page will be used for learning over the next few weeks. If you do NOT have internet access at home, please tell me immediately. 

    1. To Join Google Classroom:
    • Go to: https://classroom.google.com to sign into your student gmail account
    • Click the “+” in the top left corner to join a new class
      • Period 3 Class Code: znjdqsa
      • Period 4 Class Code: 3ivmrgs
      • Period 5 Class Code: 2xfiozr
      • Period 6 Class Code: l2fieh3
      • Period 7 Class Code: 4ullmvm


    1. To Join my REMIND classes
    • Text the following codes to 81010
      • Period 3 Class Code:@4gkf49
      • Period 4 Class Code: @6egc44
      • Period 5 Class Code: @gfdcch
      • Period 6 Class Code: @e7ck67b
      • Period 7 Class Code: @a28d9a

      Email me with any questions at jronstadt@amphi.com

    •  Periods 3,4,5,6 Are to be working on the House/Castle Model project, using the previously created Floor Plans and Elevatioans for measurements and keeping walls, windows and doors to SCALE.
    •  Period 7 Is to work on finishing the OSHA10 online curriculum and once finished I will email a voucher for you to get a free E-Book for NCCER CORE CONSTRUCTION and we will continue with out last 3 Modules starting with Module 5
    • These are the instructions for periods 3-6
    Please note* Read through all instructions carefully and be sure to have fun! This will be a 2-3 week project and I would like for you to take the time to create a quality project. The time you spend on little details through the process will reap great rewards when your project is complete.

    Now that you have drafted your floor plans and elevations complete with measurements you are ready for the construction phase.
    Please WATCH ALL OF THE "HOW TO" VIDEOS and see the SAMPLE PICTURES for instruction and inspiration for your project. Make sure that if you are using a utility knife to cut your pieces, be VERY careful and always have extra scrap material under your workpiece to protect the surface that should not be cut.

    Take time to make parts that are of high quality with accurately measured cuts to your best ability. Get creative and do some research for your project.
    Gather your materials and tools and try to set up a small work space if you can to keep everything organized.

    STEP 1: Make the base- Use your Floor Plan for measurements to cut out a piece large enough to support your walls. It can be a constructed floor similar to the one in the video or just a flat base. You can draw out your floor plan on the base so that you know where the walls will be placed. Keep eveything "to scale"
    Again, get creative.

    STEP 2: Cut out the walls, furniture, and any accessories. Before you assemble the parts, add color, paint, texture, etc. and be careful to keep the edges that will be glued clean so that they will join properly.

    STEP 3: Add details. Cut out small people to scale, add furniture, landscape and any extra features that will help make your project more realistic and interesting for the viewer. Please see the examples below.
    Make a Beautiful House from Cardboard - simple DIY
    YouTube video   ‪5 minutes‬
    Model making of MODERN ARCHITECTURE VILLA | PART 1 of 2
    YouTube video   ‪11 minutes‬
    How to Cut | Architecture Modelmaking 101
    YouTube video   ‪5 minutes‬
    Make amazing cardboard castle DIY easy
    YouTube video   ‪4 minutes‬
    Как сделать дом из картона?
    YouTube video   ‪8 minutes‬
    How to make architecture building section model- out of cardboard-
    YouTube video   ‪6 minutes‬
    Home 1.jpg
    home 2.jpg
    home 3.jpg
    Modern 2.jpg
    room with furniture.jpg
    Section View.jpg
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