• Motor Lab

    Students at Holaway participate in a Motor Lab once a week for 30 minutes. During this time, they complete a warm-up routine with the key activites, rotate through six stations, and cool down with breathing exercises or yoga poses. Our goal is for each student to regulate their bodies, learn how to move with control, gain strength and balance. When they return to their classroom, students should be focused, centered and ready to learn.

    Stay active and strong while working through the warm -up and the 4 stations. Set a 2 to 3 minute timer. When the timer goes off, rotate to the next station. Repeat the stations 3 times to complete a 30 minute workout. 

    Warm-up: Before you start the motor lab stations always choose a warm-up exercise. Hold the position for 20 seconds and repeat 3 times.


    Giraffe Stretch

    Rocking Horse


    Station #1: To create this station you may need: a 2X4 piece of wood, sidewalk chalk, painters tape, draw a line in the dirt, or use a line on the sidewalk or curb.

    Bean Bag Balance

    Station #2: To create this station you will need an area long enough for you to crawl on, bean bag or ball, and a box available at one end of the path.


    Station #3: To create this station you need an area marked off for the river and a soft towel.

    Swim and Dry

    Station #4: To create this station all you need is space for rolling.

    Rolling Rolling Rolling

    Station #5

    Create your own station: using equipment or materials that you have around the house.

    This week you can watch and create Mr. Brian's Make your own tennis racket for balloon tennis  or choose to create your own station.


     Have Fun!