• Hello Students and Parents,


    It is VERY important that you sign up for my Google Classroom! Please do so immediately! This is how I will be communicating assignments and grading assignments turned in.   

    This is new for all of us so please bare with me. There may be a coupe of unexpected bumps along the way but with a little patients and humor, we will get through it.

    I will start communicating through Google Class Room starting next week on Monday, March 30.

    I am going to give you a code for each period to access my Google classroom.


    Period:            Google Classroom Code:

    Period 1:                        74methw


    Period 2:                        xudvc2j


    Period 3:                        ow3kttc


    Period 4:                        vtb2uxo


    Period 5:                        o5gcsx5


    Period 6:                        afdcjgm



    After you have gained access to my Google classroom, you will be able to see activities that I have added for you to complete. Don’t worry, we are not going to get carried away or anything but I do think it is important for you to stay physically active and mentally healthy.


    I look forward to communicating with you and hope to see you all again real soon.


    Mr. Hess

    Cross PE Teacher