•  Each week I will post the names of students who are engaging in daily physical activities. 

    These students who have sent videos, pictures, stories, or drawings that show them engaging in physical activities!  Way to go students!


    Week 1- April 6-10th

    Mia- She is working hard at home doing her class work as well as exercising. She understands the benefits of daily exercise.  Keep up the good work, Mia! 

    Gia- She is working on the P.E. Bingo!  What a fun video she shared with me. It was great to see her.  

    Austin- He sent an awesome picture doing the Jump and Spell activity! Way to go Austin.  I loved your picture! 

    Elliot - He is working hard doing his classroom work and he is exercising everyday.  For example he rides his bike.  Great work Elliot! 

    Benjamin-  He has been working hard doing some of the P.E. activities!  Keep up the good work!! 

    Michael S.  - has been doing exercises with his father.  Some of the exercises are pushups, situps, planks, and riding his bike!  Way to go Michael.  I am proud of you! 

    Caleb- from Mrs. Ayers 2nd grade class did the P.E. fun with Math activity and Jumping with numbers!   Way to go Caleb!  It is great to see how active you are during this time.  Thank you for doing the P.E. activities! 

    Katherine- is staying active! She sent pictures to me she did some of the P.E. Bingo, and the Jump and Spell activity.  Way to go Katherine!  Keep up the great work! 


    Week 2 -April 13-17

    Benjamin - from Ms. McGann's class, did the Jumping Fun with Numbers activity!  He sent a picture to me, it was awesome.  In his picture he is jumping on the numbers!   I loved the picture, Benjamin!  Keep up the great work! I am so lucky to have you as a student!! 

    Elliot- has been working at home doing exercises.  He emailed me telling me what he has been doing during the week to stay active!  I love it!  Way to go Elliot!! 

    Katherine She has been doing some of the P.E. activities this week. She sent a picture of herself doing the Fitness Name activity!   Great work, Katherine!  Way to stay active!  


    Caleb- He did the Sweat Box Challenge! I am super impressed because he did a lot of laps and is setting an even higher goal to do more! That is a one tough workout, and he is a 2nd grader!!  Way to go Caleb!!  


    Caden P.-  5th grade- Mrs. Matiatos class- Sent me a video of him riding his bike!  He rode a lot of miles! Way to go Caden. 


    Mia- Sent her weekly exercise journal! This was really cool to see.  She is staying very active, especially doing yoga!  Super proud of you Mia!

    Emilie- Emailed me to say that she rode her bike for 13 miles!  Wow, way to go Emilie and she has been running at the track.  She clearly understands the importance of staying active!  Way to go Emilie!! 


    Week 3 of April 20-24

    Mia G.- 4th grade- Ms. Wieser's class.  Did the P.E. Scavenger hunt! She sent a really awesome video of herself doing some of the activities.  Mia tried the juggling with plastic bags.  She is really good! Juggling is not an easy skill, it takes a lot of practice.  I am so proud of Mia, she is staying active and working hard. Way to go Mia!!  You are a super star! 

    Caden P. - 5th grade- Mrs. Matiatos's class.  He did the P.E. Scavenger hunt this week.  He sent a picture to me of his scavenger hunt and added that he rides his bike every day!  That is really awesome!  He is a super star!  This is not an easy time, and classroom work is very important.  Getting daily exercise will help with the stress and struggles during this time, and Caden is certainly getting his exercise.  Way to go! 

    Payton R.- 5th - Mrs. Lynch's class has been out riding her bike!  She is really good at riding the bike! I am really proud of her for getting some exercise! 

    Katherine She has been doing some of the P.E. activities this week.

    Anamaria- She has been staying active and sending me emails about the P.E. activities that she completes.  Way to go! 

    Atina- She has been doing a great job by staying active, she understands that daily exercise is important!  Keep up the good work! 


     Week 4 April 27-May 1st

    Anamaria- She did the P.E. scavenger hunt!  I love Anamaria's positive attitude! She really has a good understanding of the benefits of daily exercise!  Way to go Anamaria!

    Atina-She did the P.E. Scavenger hunt, she sent a picture to me and I received a video of her mastering an hand stand!  She has great upper body strength! Way to go Atina!

    Gia M. - She sent a video to me that showed her demonstrating her dribbling skills with her hands! It was awesome she has great control of the ball.  She also made a basket which her technique is really good.  Keep up the good work Gia!  

    Caden P.- 5th grader in Mrs. Matiatos's class,has completed the Rock, Paper, Scissor activity.  Plus, he has been out riding his bike!  This is fantastic work!!  Keep it up Caden! 

    Katherine- 5th Grader in Mrs. Matiatos's class.  She has done an outstanding job this week doing all of the P.E. activities.  


    Week 5 May 4- 8

    Katherine- 5th Grader in Mrs. Matiatos's class.  She has done an outstanding job this week doing all of the P.E. activities.  Katherine contacts me every week and sends pictures of her doing the P.E. activities!  I am super proud of you, Katherine! Keep up the great work!!  

    Mia G. - 4th grader in Ms. Wieser's class.   Mia sent two videos to me this week.  In the videos she did the Fan Fun acitivity.   Mia has really awesome motor skills!!  Keep up the great work Mia!  

    Emilie-  4th grader- Ms. Wieser's class.  Emilie has sent a couple of emails explaining in detail the types of physical activities that she has been doing.  She also has been giving me some new ideas on how to do some of the activities that I have posted.   I love when students develop a new way to play a game!!  Great job Emilie!  

    Caden P.- 5th grader in Mrs. Matiatos's class- He is a Brilliant Fitness Superhero!  I knew he was!  He did the Fitness Superhero activity and sent it to me in an email.  He has been very busy staying active!  That is beyond awesome!!  Great job Caden, way to be a positive leader! 

    Atina-1st grader- She sends me emails each week to tell me about the P.E. activity she has completed.  She always has a picture to go with the activity too.  I love how she is creative and has developed some good ideas on other ways we can play the games.   Keep up the hard work, Atina! 

    Anamaria- 5th grade - Mrs. Matiatos's class- she is a P.E. superstar!  She consistently sends me emails with pictures every week of the P.E. activity that she completed!  I really love how she can provide some fun ways to play the games differently! Way to go Anamaria, you are a rock star!! 

     May 18-21

    Caden P. - 5th Grader- He did his final 5th grade P.E. activity which was the Fitnessland board game!  Great job Caden!! He is going to rock middle school next yea!!  I will miss him very much!  

    Atina-1st grader- She did the Stretching and Reflection activity today and the Fitnessland Board game!  She is working hard on some goals and I know she is going to reach them!  Atina puts the "A" in the word "Awesome!"  

    Anamaria- 5th grade - Mrs. Matiatos's class- She ended her 5th grade P.E. with doing both the Stretch and Think About It and the Fitnessland activities.  She has worked hard all year long in P.E.  A great student who doesn't give up and is respectful to all of the students.  She is a positive role model!  











    It was really touching to hear from these students.  I miss all of you so much! 



    How can you be the next P.E. student of the week?  

    Contact me and let me know what you are doing for exercise! 

    Stay tuned!  equipment