• Hey Donaldson P.E. Pals,

    I thought of something fun to do for all of you that are exercising at home. 

    Send me a text at 575-323-1847 or an email at swestfallloomis@amphi.com

    I will send you a P.E. Badge!

    What is a P.E. Badge- Think of it like a fun emoji.  It will be a fun picture that I will send to you.

    You could collect your badges, print them out, collect them,  and show them off to your family and friends.  The badges represent the physical activities you are doing at home.  If you have a lot of badges then you must be doing a lot of physical activities. 

    Contact me and let me know what you did and I will send you the badge.  

    This is just something fun to do, it isn't mandatory. 


    Example:  If you rode your bike and sent me a picture I would then send you a bicycle badge.   You could also email or text me too!   


    P.E. Badge

    Bike Badge