• Kayla

    Name: Kayla Kipley

    Sport: Varsity Cheerleading

    Title: Head Coach

    Email: kkipley@amphi.com

    Favorite Quote:

    "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I lean"

    - Benjamin Franklin

  • Background:

    I have always been involved with sideline and competitive cheerleading. My journey started when I was in high school. I was captain of my team as well as competitive cheerleading at a local gym. I am still competing with my partner in open divisions. I am very passionate about this ever-changing sport. I started coaching at Amphitheater High School as a junior varsity coach and moved to the varsity level two years ago.


    2018-2019 State champions in D2 Partner stunt.
    2018-2019 4th in state D2 COED varsity cheerleading
    2018-2019 9th in the nation at USA nationals Intermediate varisty cheerleading
    2019-2020 3rd in state in Partner Stunt
    2019-2020 4th in state in COED large varsity cheerleading
    2019-2020 3rd in the nation at USA nationals Advanced COED varsity cheerleading
    2019-2020 1st place at WinterJam: Varsity cheer, Partner stunt, and All Male stunt

  • What I Love About Coaching is...

    Cheerleading has so many aspects to the sport. There is not one element that the athletes need to master. Every member of the team brings their own unique style and personality to the team. When one person is missing the team cannot practice. Every member is a very important piece to a complex puzzle. I love that this sport requires so much trust as a squad and, therefore, forms a bond like family. I especially love seeing my athletes continue their cheerleading journey after high school in college.