• Marshall

    Name: Shealeigh Marshall

    Sport: Pomline

    Title: Varsity Coach


    Favorite Quote:

    "Think happy, be happy"



  • Background:

    I have been dancing for over 9 years now. I went to Flowing Wells High School where I was on the pomline myself. I continued my education at the University of Arizona and I graduated in 2019 with a bachelors in literacy. learning and leadership.


    In the last year, I have accomphlished alot with my career path. I graduated and get my bachelors degree, got accepted into my grad school program to recieve my master in Education and I have just been employed as a Biology teacher at Pueblo High School.

  • What I Love about Coaching...

    I love sharing my passion of dance with students who share the same passion as me and seeing them grow as dancers throughout the season. I love getting to know all of my students and their personalities and I love the feeling I get when I watch my students perform a routine I choreographed for them and they worked so hard on.