• School starts August 5, 2021

    Welcome to Advisory.  This is a new course at Coronado and is in the process of being updated for the 21/22 school year.

    What is Advisory?

    An advisory is a regularly scheduled period of time, during the school day, when teachers meet with the same group of students for the purpose of advising them on academic, social, or future-planning issues in order to better prepare students to be college and career ready. The broad purpose of an “advisory period” or “advisory program” is to ensure that at least one adult in the school is getting to know each student well, developing meaningful relationships, making sure their learning needs are being met, encouraging them to make good academic choices and plan for their future. Students will be focusing on topics which include academic skills such organization and study skills, along with self-advocacy, goal setting and social-emotional learning.

    What Materials do I need to have for Advisory? 

    You should have a planner or agenda to track classwork and due dates.