• Welcome to A.H.S!

    I am very   excited about getting to know all of you and I know we will have a very productive year. Your central goal this year is to complete the required coursework using the following strategies:  The use of critical thinking, reading comprehension, and developing your writing skills. 

    Students will learn how to employ a wide-ranging vocabulary, use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation, and to develop a personal writing style and an awareness of the audience being addressed. Students are also encouraged to read widely, both for their own enjoyment and to further their awareness of the ways in which English can be used.

    English 9 also develops more general analysis and communication skills such as synthesis, inference, and the ability to order facts and present opinions effectively.

    Here is a copy of the syllabus for this course. English 9 Syllabus

    Students: Please check your schedules and add the corresponding class code shown below by Monday, 8/3/20. 

     Google Classroom codes for 2020-2021 Academic Year: 


    English 9 5th Period:  v7dhzwt

    English 9 7th Period:  7qjoy7w

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