• Your grade in choir or drama depends largely on your participation!  I hope that, since you chose this as an elective, you are willing to do what is necessary to perform. 

    Most of your grades in Tyler are weekly participation points, on a 10 point scale.  Most students get 10 points a week, unless they are absent 2 or more times a week and do not complete make-up assignments.  Other ways students might 'lose' those points is if I repeatedly see them on their phones during class, or if they are not using group or independent time correctly. 

    There are a few written assignments, but they occur during class time, and I do not require homework.


    *During Remote Learning:  You are required to participate on Zoom during your scheduled class times.  If you cannot access it during that time, you can watch the recorded lesson later.

    For Google Classroom learning times, you are required to log into the classroom for attendance some time during that day.  I will be available to help you during the scheduled time--you can email me or leave a message in the classroom stream.

    I will enter weekly participation grades--don't panic if you get a low grade entered because you couldn't figure out what to do!  I can go back and change grades when you complete work.  This is just the clearest way for you to keep track of your grade.

    I am reasonable--keep contact and let me know what challenges you're having and I'll do whatever I can to support you.  I am happy to advocate for you in other classes, as well.