• Your grade in choir or drama depends largely on your participation. I hope that, since you chose this as an elective, you are willing to do what is necessary to perform.  Choirs,I expect that you will attend all four quarterly concerts, unless excused by a parent.

    Most of your grades in Tyler are weekly participation points, on a 100 point scale.  Most students get 100 points a week, unless they are absent 2 or more times a week and do not complete make-up assignments.  Other ways students might 'lose' those points is if I repeatedly see them on their phones during class, or if they are not using group or independent time correctly. 

    There are a few written assignments, but they occur during class time, and I do not require homework.

     I am very reasonable--if you have one bad day, it won't affect your grade.  If you are consistently off-task, disrupting others, being late or absent, then your grade will suffer.