Communication is very important, particularly at this challenging time. Please make sure not only that you know how to get ahold of me, but that I can easily contact you! Text and email are the fastest way to reach me, as I will not be able to answer my phone when I am teaching.

  • I am available during EVEN periods on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

    I am available during ODD periods on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. 

    Please join Remind! This is a text group app so that teachers can send messages to everyone at once. Students and parents can both join. 

    To join, you send a text message from your cell phone:

    Number: 81010

    Message:  @LortieMath (math students)

      @LortieAVID (Advisory/AVID students)

    Phone (classroom, voice call): (520)269-4302

    Phone (text or voice call): (520) 261-9528


    Alternate (for students):

     Professor Meowington is ready to help you