• Welcome Message from Ms. Griffith

    Contact me: hgriffith@amphi.com / (520)696-5398 / Office Hours: 7th Period

    ~Class Codes May be Found Below~

    Hello, and welcome to Senior English 12 or Dual Enrollment Writing 101/102 English Composition. I hope that you are all safe and well. This year will present unique challenges. We all want to get back to what is familiar and normal, but the danger of COVID has robbed us of that. The world has changed and we will all have to be flexible. The upside is that whenever we change, we also grow.

    Many of you may be anxious about what the current COVID-19 situation means for graduation, your credits and your senior year. Our schedule is modified, remote learning is challenging, and we have new technology to master – I understand that there is a great deal to be stressed out about. BREATHE!

    Please know that everyone is going to be working it out TOGETHER at the start of the year. You are not alone in your worries. There will be a learning curve, but the best way to master that curve it is by supporting one another. It's important to realize that everyone is in a similar situation and we must take care of ourselves, not just physically, but mentally.

    Be assured that the school and teachers will do everything we can to keep you moving forward through this stressful time. This is a developing situation and we all must be flexible to meet the challenge of keeping everyone healthy while still trying to provide continuity for Amphi's students. Although we will not be in a traditional classroom setting together, we will have many opportunities to interact and to grow. Below, you will find some basic information to help as we begin the school year.  

    Basic guidelines and information to help with starting school:

    1. If you do not have access to technology, contact the school offices for further instructions and support. Books can be checked out through the Amphi bookstore. E-texts will also made available for assigned readings to accommodate student safety and learning needs.
    2. Assignments will be submitted through Google Classroom. You can find a Google Quick Guide on the right-hand side of this website. There are also many resources and tutorials on YouTube and the school's website.Grades will be regularly recorded in Amphi's Tyler system (for Dual Enrollment students, grades will also be uploaded to the Pima Community College grade reporting system at the end of the grading periods).

    Students join the Google Classroom by logging into their Amphi account and using the “Add Class” button.

    The codes to join our Google Classrooms are:

    2nd Period (Senior English 12): qn6jfg3

    3rd Period (Senior English 12): 2qvqcjc

    4th Period (Senior English 12): o7mjijh

    5th Period (Dual Enrollment): wtfcnmn

    6th Period (Senior English 12): p5l76is


    1. Zoom is a video conferencing program that will allow us to see and hear each other in real time. You will need to follow the posted link to join our Zoom class each day. Our Zoom class meeting link is listed in Google Classroom. The same Zoom code will be used for all of our class days. Some days will be more like a traditional class ("A" days) and some days more work time ("B" days), but students need to virtually attend all sessions. You can find more details on the structure listed on the class schedule on Amphi's homepage (also mailed home).


     Grading Policy:

    The AHS grading policy is:

                  90-100%  =  A               

                  80-89%    =  B

                 70-79%    =  C

                 60-69%    =  D

                 0-59%      =  F

     Attendancewill be taken during our scheduled class Zoom times. Confused? Follow your class schedule. When it is time for your class period, follow the Zoom link to join our class "live." We will use Zoom and Google Classroom whenever we meet.

    CLASS START TIMES (M, T, W, T, F):                                                                                             1st - 7:00; 2nd - 8:15; 3rd - 9:25; 4th - 10:35; 5th - 12:15; 6th - 1:25; 7th - 2:35

    EARLY OUT WEDNESDAY CLASS START TIMES:                                                                                  1st - 7:00; 2nd - 8:15; 3rd - 9:05; 4th - 9:55; 5th - 11:00; 6th - 11:50; 7th - 12:40