• Mrs. Ann Wentworth      Algebra 2 Syllabus - 2020-2021 School Year     awentworth@amphi.com

    Welcome to Algebra 2 and a new school year at IRHS. Hopefully our classes will make you feel welcome and we can navigate a new school year together with positivity and warmth. I look forward to getting to know all of my Algebra 2 students and helping you to acclimate to this unique school year. Your well-being and care is more important to me than curriculum, and I want you to feel comfortable with me and with your classmates so we can grow, learn, and thrive together!

    This is my 3rd year in Arizona and at IRHS, having moved from San Diego, CA area.  I am so glad to be here where the mentality and lifestyle is much more like my midwest roots. The people here are very nice and I love the desert landscape where I walk almost daily. I've gotten to be more comfortable with snakes, and have made friends with many roaming cows, birds, squirrels, and desert jackrabbits. In truth though, I am not fond of javelinas who have destroyed any attempts at having a garden in my yard! 

    Course Description:  In Algebra 2, we will cover linear equations, relations/functions, quadratic functions, polynomials & functions, inverse & radical functions, exponential & logarithmic functions, rational functions, along with some trigonometry and possibly some statistics. Whew!  Sounds like a lot but we will make it do-able and take it slowly enough for understanding not just hearing.  Our textbook is Algebra 2, from McGraw-Hill, and you all need to have a book at home available to you to use daily. 

    Required Materials: While we are remote learning, you will need computer access, internet connection, a notebook, writing materials, a calculator (recommend a TI-30XS multiview if you don't yet want to spend a fortune on a graphing calculator), your book, and any other materials that make learning easier for you.  When you return to in-school learning, you will also need a binder that you leave in class. This will hold your notes, vocabulary, homework, etc. that you will be allowed to use on tests and quizzes.  I ask that you leave it in class so you have it whenever you need it. 

    Class Rules:  All good and exemplary behaviors are a byproduct of RESPECT whether we are remote or in-school learning. Students must show respect to themselves, the teacher, their classmates, any TA's, and the classroom and supplies in it. While we are online that means having good behavior in Zoom and chats, signing in to class on a daily basis, wearing appropriate clothing (no pj's), and staying engaged while in class online. Do your BEST work daily, be responsible in your attitude and behavior, and speak with good purpose at all times in order to do well and get the most out of class time. Disruptions and disrespect will not be tolerated. Cussing is not allowed at any time. 

    Grading Policy:  Overall grading is on a standard 10-point scale:  90-100% = A, 80-89% = B, 70-79% = C, 60-69% = D, and below a 60% = F.  Test and quiz points vary with the complexity and number of problems included. Homework is crucial to maintaining a good grade and a high level of understanding of the material. Students can do well by completing homework, participating in class and group work, asking meaningful questions, and always doing your best. Most Fridays we will take a short Friday Feedback quiz, which is my opportunity to see how well you are understanding the material, and your opportunity to give me feedback on the week or let me know where you are struggling. Friday Feedbacks will not happen for a few weeks though so don't stress yet!  My goal is for every student to achieve his/her best and to learn the material to achieve a C or better grade overall - my class is structured for this to be possible for every student who puts in the required work!  Your overall semester grade is based on the following percentages:

    Tests: 40%,  Quizzes: 10%,  Homework: 15%,  Classwork/Participation: 15%, Semester Final Exam: 20%      You can see how homework and participation is vital to success, and quizzes are more informational for me. 

    Late, Missing, Absent work:  Unless otherwise arranged with the teacher, all work is due at the time specified online, or when in-school, at the beginning of each class period following the day it was assigned. If you are absent or late, it is YOUR responsibility to communicate with me or a friend and find out what work you missed and make sure to turn it in to me for your points. Please check Google Classroom DAILY while we are remote learning as all your assignments will be posted there along with remarks from me. If you share computer time with siblings, make sure you email me with your situation details so we can arrange for adjusted due dates.  

    Tardy Policy: This will be addressed when we return to in-school learning, but while we are remote learning, the policy is that you must sign in to Zoom daily at the beginning of our class time. On designated days (depending on period) you must stay tuned in the entire class period in order to get your lesson and instructions. On the alternate days, you must still sign in at the beginning of class for attendance purposes and to get homework instructions. I will be available for the entire class period on our Zoom to answer questions and give additional help, but you may check out to do homework, quizzes, etc.  Tardies will be marked even during remote learning if you sign in more than 5 minutes past the start of class, unless previously arranged with the teacher. 

    Cheating:  Cheating is defined in the IRHS Student Handbook and is considered a violation of the honor code at IRHS, and also my personal honor code. It is not tolerated in any form in my class and will result in a grade of F on whatever assignment it is determined that a student cheated. See the Student Handbook for school consequences of cheating. Cheating, copying other student's work, or any other method of not doing your own work is a breach of trust between me and a student. This is hard to earn back and hurts our relationship.  Please do your own work and be an honorable student.

    Attendance: During remote learning attendance is required in our Zoom meetings on a daily basis. We will be recording attendance as if we were in-school learning including tardies, and absences - excused or unexcused. If you will not be in a Zoom class for any reason, a parent must call the school and excuse you just as if you were going to miss an in-school day. Please see the Student Handbook on the rules for total absences and State regulations on attendance in school. 

    Additional Items:  Respect is crucial to a positive and enjoyable classroom, whether remote or in-school. Please refrain from using your cell phone during all Zoom meetings - it is a distraction to others and it is rude. Be present with fellow classmates and learn from them! They are your best social-emotional resource. Be on time, with your supplies ready and your mind in a good place to learn. Communicate with me regularly if circumstances in your life are interfering with your school work. I am here for you and will do everything in my power to help you to learn to the best of your ability and work with you to overcome struggles. Be a willing participant and you all should do just fine!  

    I look forward to working with all of you and getting to know each of you on an individual basis throughout the year. Please be patient with me and your classmates as we transition to remote learning and help each other to learn and grow. Please read all of this syllabus and share it with your parents/guardians. I will have a signature page on Google Classroom when we get started back to school.  

    See you soon!!  

    Mrs. Wentworth