• Please check your student@amphi.com email for instructions on how to access your Auto/Diesel classroom.  If you are unable to access my Google Classroom, PLEASE email me at kharding@amphi.com or call me M-F &:30-4:00 at 520-696-5431 

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    1. Grading policy

    The auto/diesel program at Amphitheater High School will consist of two components: Online/in-class technical instruction and hands-on laboratory activities.


    Class grading will break down like this:

                    Tests and Major Assessments (35% of grade)

    1. Quizzes: Quizzes can and will be given at any time. They may be announced or unannounced, open or closed book.  Most quizzes are open book to encourage accurate note taking.
    2. Tests: A unit test will be given at the end of each instructional unit.
    3. Projects and assignments: Each student may be required to complete any number of projects or assignments.
    4. Skill assessment: Students will be evaluated on skills learned throughout the semester.
    5. Notebooks: In Mr. Harding’s classes, each student will keep a notebook in class to hold all lessons, handouts, and tests. Notebooks can be evaluated at any time and will be evaluated at least twice a semester.

    Daily Work (50% of grade)

    This will include bell work, in-class worksheets, class participation, and hands-on lab assessments.  A student, by default, has a participation point going into class every day.  If the student chooses to not participate, the daily point will not be awarded.  If a student is absent, it is up to the student to make arrangements to make up work and assignments. 

                    Extra Credit

                            There will be occasional opportunities for students to earn extra credit by completing additional projects and assignments.

                    Final Assessment (15% of grade)

                            Semester grades, at a minimum, are based on class work from the entire semester.  There will be a written, practical, or both for the final.

                            Grading Scale

                                            A             90-100%

                                            B             80-89%

                                            C             70-79%

                                            D             60-69%

                                            F              <60%

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