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    Edgenuity ELA Course Syllabus and Procedures

    Edgenuity Online Class Overview:

    Edgenuity is different than a traditional course because it is self-paced and online; you will learn all the concepts covered in a regular class at your own pace in an online environment. Your coursework (listening to instruction from on-screen instructors, completing vocabulary activities, assignments, lab activities, and online quizzes/tests) will take place during this class period; however, you may be required to access the program through the library and/or home access if you fall behind. The advantage of being self-paced is that you can move quickly through material that you know well and spend longer on things you need more help with.

    Because Edgenuity is self-paced though, you will be taking on more responsibility for yourself than you do in a traditional high school class. To be successful with this course, it is essential that you are present and on time every day, on task at all times during the class, and be able to track/maintain your progress through the course. You will need to move efficiently through the material. Help will be here to support you, but the ultimate responsibility for your success lies with you.

    Workshop Overview:

    PATH teachers will provide project-based workshops, small group instruction, and individual tutoring. In addition to supporting you with your online curriculum, teachers will enrich your learning experience by assigning a variety of projects for each semester of your course. The projects may be individual or collaborative tasks, and may require research and presentations. As you complete the projects, teachers will subtract hours from your online coursework. If you do not participate in projects, expect to complete 45 hours of online coursework.


    • Your semester grade(s) will reflect your "Actual Grade" within Edgenuity. If you are on "target" this grade will match your "Overall Grade".
    • You can monitor your progress report with the Edgenuity Organizer.
      • Overall grade: The grade you've earned on the portion of the course you've completed.
      • Actual Grade: Based on the overall grade in relation to the percentage of coursework completed vs. the percentage of coursework that should have been completed. If you are on-track or ahead of schedule with your course, the Actual Grade will be the same as the Overall Grade. Only when you begin falling behind in completing your coursework will the Actual Grade be lower than the Overall Grade.
      • Relative Grade: The grade you earned including 0% for all components remaining incomplete.
      • Complete %: The percentage of the course that you've completed.
      • Target Completion: The percentage of the course that should be done thus far in order to be on track to finish the course by the course end date.
    • Remember that grades are NOT GIVEN to you by the teacher. Grades are EARNED by you alone.
    • Your final grade will be calculated as shown in Edgenuity:
      • Quizzes – ­­­­­­15%, Tests – 25%, Final Exam – 20%, Essays –20%, and Assignments – 20%
    • Your final Edgenuity grade will be 75% (this includes your notes) of your total grade for the course.
    • Your final Project-Based Workshop grade will be 25% of your total grade for the course. If you choose not to do projects, your Edgenuity grade is the final grade.


    • There is a quiz at the end of each lesson. You must get a minimum score of 60% on these in order to proceed with the program. If you get less than 60%, you must come see the teacher and will be provided with re-teaching assistance.
    • You will be given 2 assessment retakes to work at increasing your grade if you do poorly the first time you take an assessment. No matter what you scored on your first attempt, you will have 2 additional chances to take each assessment to raise your grade, if you wish.
    • Prior to taking all tests, you must show me your ELA Edgenuity notes for the topic. I will sign off on the notes if they are acceptable and unlock your test. Please ask only me for unlocks and grade checks. You will be able to use your notes on all tests and quizzes. The better the notes you take, the easier the assessments will be! There are four different formats you may use for your notes. You can use the note-taking tool on Edgenuity, the Guided Notes on Edgenuity, Cornell Notes, or the ELA Edgenuity Notes graphic organizer. A template of the Cornell Notes and graphic organizer are on my Google Classroom under “Materials.”

    Class Procedures:

    Our class has procedures, which will help keep us organized and create an atmosphere that is well-suited to learning.

     During Class:

    • Be in your seat when the bell rings. Log in to the computer. Have your supplies on your desk:  notebook, pen/pencil, calculator, and/or headphones.
    • The learning process requires alertness. Students are expected to be responsible for staying awake and paying attention during class.
    • Work on the assigned task diligently and work to the best of your ability.
    • A silent, uninterrupted environment is essential for most students to perform at their optimal level. Since there will be always be someone taking an assessment, there will be no talking with other Edgenuity students.
    • If you have a question or comment, raise your hand until recognized by the teacher, and then continue working, if possible, until the teacher is able to assist you.
    • If you have need of a "teacher review," "retake," or "bypass," see the teacher or email me if after hours: wousley86@gmail.com.
    • Using the computers for any purpose other than the online course material will not be permitted. This includes accessing the email, games, instant messaging, music sites, or paint programs. You may only access the Edgenuity program and the sites it links to. Not abiding by this will result in detentions or a referral.
    • Tampering with the computer equipment and/or "repairing" of the equipment will not be tolerated. Please notify the teacher of any needed repairs.
    • You are not permitted to print anything without permission of the teacher.
    • Plagiarism on essays will result in a 0% on the assignment. Essays are worth 20% of your Edgenuity grade, so it is possible that a plagiarized essay could prevent you from passing. Bottom line? Don’t try to pass someone else’s work off as your own. It will result in my loss of trust in you and possibly being dismissed from PATH.
    • No cellphones should be out in my classroom unless given explicit permission by me during a lesson when we might need them for research. If I see a phone out, I will ask you to put it in the holder behind my desk and take the number. At the end of class, I will return the phone. No exceptions. You should be listening attentively and taking notes during lessons, so there is really no need for you to have your phone. You may certainly check it during passing periods or when you use the restroom; otherwise, I do not want to see them.


     Edgenuity Student Contract       

     Student’s Name: _____________________________________________________________________             

     To continue forward in Edgenuity, this form must be signed and returned.

    By signing below, I am indicating that I accept and agree to abide by the terms, outlined requirements and rules of being a part of the Edgenuity program listed here and within the course syllabus. I also understand that if I disregard any part of this agreement I risk progressive disciplinary action.

    I agree to all of the behavioral expectations and consequences as outlined here and within the course syllabus.

    I agree to protect my username and password. I will not share my log in information with others.

    I understand that I am responsible for taking notes/completing the ELA Graphic Organizer for this course.

    I will be present and punctual to class. I will work diligently on my online course in order to complete it before the end of the semester. I understand that I will earn 0% for all remaining components that I have not completed by this time. Appropriately, I will use access at school, public library and/or within my home.

    I understand that I am to be quiet, non-disruptive, productive, and steadily working on my Edgenuity course during class. If I am not, I understand that my parent/guardian may be contacted, and that disciplinary action will be administered appropriately and progressively.

    I agree never to submit work that is not my own and never to cheat on assignments or assessments. I understand that such activities violate our school’s honor code and can result in suspension or expulsion.

    I accept that my teacher holds the rights to log me off, give me additional activities, make me redo
    activities, and/or suspend my home access privileges if they deem it necessary or beneficial to me.


    Student's Signature:_________________________________________________  Date:________


    Parent(s)/Guardian(s) — Signing below indicates you have read, understand, and will support the expectations and guidelines of the Edgenuity classroom as outlined in the course syllabus, above contract and letter on the reverse side. You will be sent daily e-mails detailing your child's progress.

    Parent/Guardian's Printed Name: ____________________________________________________   

    E-mail address: ____________________________________________ Phone #: _______________

    Parent/Guardian's Signature: ____________________________________________  Date: _____