•                                            Welcome Back 2021-2022



    Office Hours:

    8:15-9:00 AM Wednesday's 

     Grading Policy:

    English 11, 12, 7 Integrated English

    Categories for Grading:

    • Bellwork/Closure (per week): 10 points
    • Daily Classwork (per week): 50 points
    • Homework/Reading Logs: 10 points
    • Book Reports 1 per quarter: 40 points
    • Test/Quizzes (every other week): Points vary according to the chapter covered.
    • Projects point value will be dependent on complexity and students will be informed of point value upon assignment. Rubrics will accompany most, if not all, assignments.


    Grade (%)           Letter Equivalent                         Rating

    90-100                            A                                     Highly Proficient

    80-89                              B                                     Proficient

    70-79                              C                                     Minimally Proficient

    60-69                              D                                     Partially Proficient

    Below 60                         F                                      Below Proficient


    Grades are calculated on cumulative percentage and are rounded up whenever possible.


    I am looking forward to working with you this school year. 

    See you all on August 5th! 

    Be safe and stay healthy!