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    How to access your online Biology or Environmental Science class:

    All students who have enrolled by August 7 will be automatically added to their Biology or Environmental Science Google Classrooms, and should turn on NOTIFICATIONS to view when new information and assignments are posted. 

    To access, you must first log into your Amphi Google acct (@student.amphi.com) using your Amphi login credentials.

    Once logged into your Amphi Google acct, go to your Google Classrooms (Click here: Google Classroom) and click on the header for your Biology or Environmental Science class.


       All Online Classes will be held on Zoom.  

    There will be a login code for students for each period's Zoom sessions that will be posted on the Google Classroom. 

    ALL attendance and instruction will be through the Zoom interface, so it is CRITICAL that you sign in to your appropriate Zoom session at the begining of each class period!

    Please see the Zoom Protocol in the Google Classroom under Classwork - Course Info to understand the guidelines and expectations during Zoom classes.