• Online Environment Expectations:

    Students will be required to log into BOTH Zoom and Google Classroom at the beginning of each class period.

    There is a bell schedule posted for our distant learning times and I will also provide a link to this schedule:


    Attendance will be taken at the beginning and end of each of MY class periods to ensure that each student is in attendance of the entire class period.

    Online Behavior Expectations:   

    • Students should be able to answer questions or show that they are participating and present when on zoom class time. 
    • Students must be paying attention to the class while instruction is occurring (No playing video games or other outside distractions)
    • Students are only allowed to use the chat feature to discuss class relevant questions unless otherwise instructed
    • Students will be requested to participate within class discussions but will be on mute until they’re called on as to not be talking over one another.

    As with the alternating instruction days as laid out by the COVID bell schedule – as a class we will go over this in further depth on August 10th, 2020 (the first day of online instruction.) I will make sure that we answer any and all questions regarding my expectations of your participation in my online classroom setting.

    All of my students on my class rosters have already been enrolled into their correct Google Classroom assignments. You must only sign in with your @student.amphi.com email. If you have any questions or concerns with login info please send me an email or reach out (contact info on my homepage.)

    Please remember: Reach out with any questions, comments, concerns whenever they arise. I am here for you in these ~weird~ times!