If you are registered in PATH classes you should attend your period ZOOM meeting with your assigned PATH teacher.  (This is how your attendance is recorded in Tyler.)

    This ZOOM invitation is sent to your student gmail account.  (ID#@student.amphi.com)  PLEASE check your student gmail account daily!  This is very important.

    There are 3 PATH teachers.

    Ms Ousley teaches PATH periods 1,2,4, and 6

    Mr. Landrith teaches PATH periods 2,3,6 and 7

    I teach PATH periods 3,5,7, and 8  ...   If you have me for your PATH teacher, go to my ZOOM tab on this website to get the information for joining your class.

     As you can see, sometimes the two of us teach the same periods.  It is important that you find out who you lead teacher is.  Just ask one of us.

    The only PATH teacher during 4th Period is Ms. Ousley.  If you have PATH during 4th period... zoom into Ms. Ousley's class.

    The only PATH teacher during 5th period is myself.  If you have PATH during 5th period... zoom into my class.


    My ZOOM invitation is the same for each period and every day.   Use the Meeting ID and Passcode to join, OR copy the URL into your browser.

    Topic: Karen Thamarus' Zoom Meeting

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 827 226 2965
    Passcode: 0mAnD8

    Join Zoom meetings with your full name, and check the chat room for messages.


    You should also have joined my Google Classroom (GC) -  "PATH Science"  (even if you are not currently take a science course in PATH). 

    The invite code for my GC is    xbe4xvt 

    Please be sure to use your student school gmail account to get into GC.    

    My syllabus is posted there.


    The best way to reach me with questions is through my school email:  kthamarus@amphi.com



    You can contact me during school hours 8:00 to 4:30 M-F.