• My remote learning Algebra 2 & Geometry classes will all commence on Monday August 10 with an initial Zoom meeting. During this meeting, students will learn how to access remote learning via Zoom & Google Classroom. Every school day will, during RL and until further notice, start with a Zoom meeting. All class meetings will take place in my Zoom personal meeting room. On Monday, this forum should be accessed as follows:

     P2: Algebra 2: 08:15 – 09:15

    P3: Geometry: 09:25 – 10:25

    P4: Geometry: 10:35 – 1135

    P6: Geometry: 13:25 – 14:25

    P7: Geometry: 14:35 – 15:35

     These timings will remain constant during remote learning (RL), with the exception of PD/early out Wednesdays (see below).

    Note that lunch has been moved to occur after 4th period, rather than after 5th period. Note also that PD days (i.e. “early outs”) will take place on Wednesdays (rather than Tuesdays) while we are delivering RL. Early out dates for August are 08/12 & 08/26. The link for the initial, and all subsequent meetings, is given in the corresponding class in Google Classtroom (GC), see the "Zoom Wickens" document in the GC "Class Resources" folder.  Note that failure to join this meeting on any given day will be reported as an absence in Tyler. September's PD/early out dates will be posted here and in GC when available. Timings for early out day Zoom meetings are also given in the "Zoom Wickens" document.

    This type of learning, and the tools and software/hardware platform combinations we are using to deliver it, are new to teachers, students, administrators and parents alike. Its going to be a steep learning curve, and glitches will inevitably occur. Let's not panic when things go wrong, as they certainly will. Let's stay kind, tolerant, patient and helpful with each other. We're in a new educational paradigm, together, for the forseeable future. If we commit ourselves to, and behave as, a learning community, we will overcome and succeed.