• General overview of 4th grade Language Arts curriculim



    • We will use Reading Street and novel study. This program is divided into themed units with five week long selections in each unit. The selections will cover a comprehension skill, a comprehension strategy, a conventions skill, a vocabulary skill, and a specific genre for each week long selection. Students will take a comprehension and vocabulary test at the end of each selection to apply the knowledge of the skills learned throughout the week.
    • Students will also complete 3-4 digital book reports and complete various novel studies.
    • Fourth graders also learn 140 Latin roots throughout the year. Students will learn the roots incrementally throughout each quarter and tested on the roots weekly. 

    Writing and Spelling

    • Students will also keep a writing journal, which is where daily journal entries will be recorded. Correct spelling and grammar are the target skills that will be practiced and refined through the journals.
    • Weekly spelling lists will be availale on the Spelling City website




    —Have fun, laugh, and learn something new everyday! 

    Feel successful.

    —Quest for more knowledge.

    —Teach students the academic and social skills they need to progress to the fifth grade.

    —To provide a safe, supportive, and fun classroom environment.


    —Be Respectful

    —Be Responsible

    —Be Problem Solvers



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