• This week Kinders are learning about the connections between art and science. They are dying coffee filters to create planets, then creating a galaxy background. 



  • In their current unit 1st graders are learning about relief sculptures. They are dying coffee filters then turning them into butterflies. They will also learn how to use a sponge to paint clouds for their relief sculpture background. 

  • 2nd grade is learning about photography and focusing on food photography in their current unit. Food photographers often use non-edible materials to make the food they photograph more appealing. 2nd graders are making realistic paper mache donuts (using real sprinkles!).



  • 3rd graders are learning about functional art in their current unit. They are currently creating yarn bracelets from cut up paper towel tubes, yarn, beads, and tape. After they create their bracelets they will be starting a clay bead project to continue learning about functional art. 


  • 4th graders have started their monster plushie unit! They are learning about the engineering design process, different types of designers, and are creating their own plushies! They start with a template they design, trace it onto felt, add details, then safely sew them on. 


  • In their current unit 5th graders are learning about the concept of identity and how they can represent their identity in a mask using imagery. They are using cardboard, newspaper, and tape to sculpt their ideas!

    Mask Brainstorm