• Materials needed....

    Students for both 7th SS & 8th Civics will need to bring the following materials with them on a daily basis to class. Periodic "material checks" may be conducted throughout each quarter for a grade. Sometimes students will be asked to do things a certain way using these materials on various assignments & activities. Therefore, it is very important that these materials are always in a student's possession on a consistent basis.

    1) A 3-ring binder (1" minimum) with 3 dividers labeled Vocabulary, Notes, & A/Q/T (...for Assignments/Quizzes/Tests). Please note that it is o.k. for a student to have a larger 3-ring binder that they use for all of their classes as long as the Social Studies or Civics portion of this binder is laid out neatly in the manner described above.

    2) Notebook paper (without spiral binding)

    3) Pencil & pen

    4) Colored pencils

    5) Highlighter

    6) One PaperMate Flair pen for grading/self-checks (any color will do)

    Notebook = Students are required to maintain a notebook (3-ring binder) for this class. The intent of requiring such a notebook is to teach the students important organizational skills that are necessary to be successful in this class & school in general. Periodic "notebook checks" may be done per quarter for a grade.