• Governing Board Meeting Format During COVID-19 Pandemic

    Governing Board meetings will be held with safe and healthy practices in place.

    We will have a quorum in attendance at meetings even though the Superintendent and Board members may not all be gathered in a central, physical location.  Arizona permits Board members to attend meetings by videoconference or telephone.  

    Members of the public will be able to access the meeting in the following ways:

    • The public is invited to listen to the web meeting remotely via a webinar tool we are using. The link will be posted on the Amphitheater District home page. Individuals will not be able to participate in the Call to the Audience through the webinar. 
    • Individuals may attend the meeting in person at the Wetmore Center, 701 West Wetmore Road, Tucson, AZ 85705, in the Leadership & Professional Development Center. Attendees will be able to hear the Board from that location in chairs placed at least six feet apart. In addition, any documents or presentations shown to the Board during the meeting will also be viewable.

    The following steps will be taken to ensure the safety of staff and the public:

    • Anyone who reports or exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 will not be allowed to attend in person.
    • Attendees will be required to maintain a distance of at least six feet from staff and each other.

    Call to the Audience

    The Board will take public comments at this meeting. Individuals who wish to address the Board during Call to the Audience should fill out a public comment card and hand it to the Governing Board Secretary located in the main hallway of the Leadership and Professional Development Center.  The Governing Board Secretary will indicate the order of the speakers for Call to the Audience and show each speaker where to stand when it is their turn to address the Board. All comments are limited to three minutes.

    We apologize in advance for any unforeseeable difficulties and ask for your patience as we navigate unprecedented conditions.