• Graphic Design (YK)


  • Future Careers

    • Graphic Designer
    • Advertising Manager
    • Magazine Editor
    • Multi-media Artist
    • Social Media Specialist
    • Art Director
    • Public Relations
    • Marketing Specialist and Director 


    Year 1: Graphic Design I (YK)
    Year 2: Graphic Design II (YK)
    Year 3: Graphic Design III (YK)
    Year 4:
    Graphic Design Internship (YK)


    This pathway is a minimum of 2 years.


    Graphic Design YK


  • Summary                  

    Students will be prepared for immediate employment in entry-level jobs in the photography and graphic design industry and to study photography, graphic design, or journalism at a 2-year or 4-year college or university.

    • Photograph school events, interview students and teachers, and write stories and captions for yearbook photographs.
    • Produce and design a high-quality yearbook using professional graphic design, layout, and photo editing software (Adobe Photoshop, InDesign).
    • Manage the yearbook staff through leadership positions (Editor-in-Chief, Editor, Story Editor, Photo Editor).
    • Promote the yearbook by creating advertising campaigns (posters, events, announcements).


  • Post Secondary Options

Direct Employment Certificate 2 Year Degree 4 Year Degree
Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) Desktop Publishing Graphic design
Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) Graphic Design Computer Science
Web Development Digital Media