• Classwork/Homework (25%)

    Homework will be assigned and graded as we finish a lesson. Except homework about several times a week.

    ALEKS (25%)

    ALEKS is graded based on topics mastered. The goal for 8th grade math is 420 topics mastered of the 453 in the program for the year. 

    Tests/Quizzes (50%)

    This is by far where the majority of the class grade comes from. A topic test is given at the end of each topic which usually spans 2-3 weeks of class time. For some topics, a quiz will be given midway through the topic. 

    For the 2022-2023 school year, I will allow students to use a 3x5 notecard on most tests but not on quizzes. They may not be shared with another student and they will need to be turned in with the test.