• August 4 - 12: Cornell Notes; Absolute and Relative Dating and DendrochronologyMap ReadingGlobe and Map Skills.

    August 16: Today we finished Globe and Map Skills and the 5 Themes of Geography.

    August 17: Today we started Hinduism. Worksheet reading: Hinduism.

    August 18: Today we started taking notes on the  Hinduism presentation.

    August 19: Today we navigated through the crazy weather and continued the Hinduism presentation and videos. 

    August 22: Today we completed the Hinduism presentation. 

    August 23: Today we worked on the Hinduism crossword puzzle as part of the Hinduism packet, and started notes on the Judaism presentation with a worksheet reading here

    August 24: Today we continued the Judaism presentation. 

    August 25: Today we finished the Judaism presentation. 

    August 26: Today we started studying Buddhism with a reading and group sheet

    August 29: Today we started taking notes on the Buddhism presentation.

    August 30, 31, and September 1: I was very ill and the substitute worked with students with worksheets and textbook readings. Please see me in person for materials. 

    Sept 2: Today we started the Confucianism and Taoism presentation

    Sept 6: Today we worked on Confucianism and Taoism readings. Students answered the following questions: 1) what are three ethics that a person needs in order to be a good CDO student; 2) how would a student actually manifest/make this ethic happen; 3) how do you follow through personally with each of these ethics?

    Sept 7: Today we continued the Taoism reading and completed comparison and quote worksheets. I don't have a digital file of these, so the next time students are in class see me for a hard copy. 

    Sept 8 and 9: Finishing Confucianism and Taoism presentation, Shintoism presentation. 

    Sept 12: Today we continued with the Shintoism presentation and the reading.  

    Sept 13: Today we finished Shintoism and started Islam. Read the Islam  handout and here is the Islam presentation

    Sept 14: Today we finished Islam and completed the Islam worksheet of the 5 Pillars and fill in the word (I don't have a digital copy of this, please pick one up from me). 

    Sept 15: Today we started taking notes on the Christianity presentation

    Sept 16: Today we finished the Christianity presentation and worked in pairs with the reading

    Sept 19: Today we started the World Religions ZINE project.

    Sept 20: Today we continued the World Religions ZINE project.

    Sept 21: Today we continued the World Religions ZINE project. 

    Sept 22: Today we finished the ZINEs. 

    Sept 23: Today we had a substitute and the assignment was to read from the book and complete the last portion of Christianity with this worksheet

    Sept 26: Today we took the World Religions test. 

    Sept 27: Today we started the Crusades presentation. Crusades handout

    Sept 28: Today we kept going with the Crusades, reading and highlighting the handout together. 

    Sept 29: Today students independently completed the Crusades packet and turned it in. 

    Sept 30: Today we finished the Crusades presentation and start the presentation on The Middle Ages - European Feudalism.

    Oct 3: Today we continued the Middle Ages presentation and started the Feudalism Comparisons worksheet

    Oct 4: Today we finished the Middle Ages - European Feudalism and completed the European column on the worksheet. 

    Oct 5: Today we read from the book: Chapter 20 Lesson 2 and the assignment was to answer all questions at the end of the lesson. 

    Oct 6: Today we started studying the Japan Feudalism presentation

    Oct 7: Today we checked Cornell Notes.   

    Oct 17: Today we got back in the swing of things and continued studying Japanese feudalism and making comparisons on the worksheet. 

    Oct 18: Today we watched Crash Course #227 - Heian Japan and answered the accompanying questions while wrapping up the study of feudal Japan. Quiz tomorrow.  

    Oct 19: Today we finished the Heian Japan question worksheets and took a quiz. 

    Oct 20: Today we read and answered the questions from CommonLit reading: The Black Death, turning in the Discussion Questions for a grade. We started the Black Plague presentation.

    Oct 21: Today we continued the Black Plague presentation. 

    Oct 24: Today we finished the Black Plague and had a pop quiz! See me during tutorial for makeup. 

    Oct 25: Today we started working on the Galileo packet. Pick up a packet the next time you are in class. 

    Oct 26: Today we worked on the Galileo packet. 

    Oct 27: Today we finished the Galileo packet and made Leonardo da Vinci's whirligig. 

    Oct 28: Today we started studying the Renaissance and Reformation presentation. 

    Oct 31: Today we continued the Renaissance and Reformation. 

    Nov 1: Today we did multiple things: watched a Crash Course with accompanying questions (participation assignment), and worked on the Renaissance and Reformation presentation, and started the Johannes Gutenberg worksheet

    Nov 2: Today we finished and turned in the Gutenberg worksheet from yesterday. 

    Nov 3: Today we watched the first part of Martin Luther: The Idea that Changed the World with an accompanying worksheet. (Students who were absent need to see me for alternative assignment.)

    Nov 4: Today we continued studying Martin Luther and the Northern Europe aspects of the Renaissance from the presentation. 

    Nov 7: Today we read from the textbook and gained information for our study guide

    Nov 8: Today we continued the Renaissance and Reformation and started studying Henry VIII and all the chaos he brought to the table. 

    Nov 9: Today we read Chapter 16 Lesson 2 and answered questions 1-8 at the end of the lesson for credit. Answering these questions using complete sentences is required. 

    Nov 10: Today we finished Henry VIII, Mary I, Elizabeth I, and the English reformation presentation. We started watching the Henry VIII Oversimplified.

    Nov 14: Today we finished Henry VIII Oversimplified and worked our way to the Scientific Revolution portion of the Renaissance presentation. 

    Nov 15: Today we finished the Renaissance and Reformation Study Guide. Test tomorrow. 

    Nov 16: Today we took the Renaissance and Reformation test. 

    Nov 17: Today we reviewed the test from yesterday and started the next ZINE

    Nov 18: Today we worked on the ZINE.  

    Nov 19: Today we continued work on the ZINE.  

    Nov 21: Today we continued work on the ZINE.

    Nov 22: Today we continued work on the ZINE.

    Nov 23: Today we finished and turned in ZINEs.  

    Nov 28: Today we started studying European Exploration

    Nov 29: Today we studied the Age of Exploration. Completed the Columbian Exchange worksheet

    Nov 30: Today we continued the Age of Exploration and watched the Crash Course on the Columbian Exchange with a worksheet

    Dec 1: Today we started watching Episode 5 of Africa's Great Civilizations along with a worksheet

    Dec 2: No class today - freshman assembly. 

    Dec 5: Today we finished the video episode on Africa's Great Civilizations and turned it in for credit. We continued working on the Age of Exploration presentation. 

    Dec 6: Today we continued study on the Age of Exploration and worked from the book. Reading pages 390-395, Chapter 17, Lesson 2. Adding all vocabulary (both Academic and Content Vocabulary) to our notes and defined. 

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