Bellwork 8/9/21

    On a half sheet of paper I would like you to describe yourself using FIVE nouns.  Then elaborate on THREE of them.

    Bellwork 8/11/21

    Define the following words on a separate sheet of paper.  

    Anachronism     allusion       diction     imagery

         satire    theme


    Bellwork 8/16/21

    Read through the list of statements below and rate each statement on a scale of 1-4.  Write a brief response to each claim, and be prepared to stand up and defend your opinion


    Strongly AGREE/ Strongly DISAGREE


      If I were stranded alone on an uninhabited island I would be fine.

     It’s ok to hunt and kill animals for food.

     It’s alright to hunt and kill animals for sport too.

    It is OK to kill a person in self defense… if they are trying to kill me.

     No way.  I am against all forms of murder, even the death penalty.


    Bellwork 8/17/21

    Please Define: 

    The six different types of Imagery

    Direct and Indirect Characterization




    Match each literary device to its definition.

    a) Protagonist

    b) Setting

    c) Genre  

    d) Connotation

    e) Conflict

    f) Foreshadowing

    g) Mood

    h) Simile

    i) Personification


    1._____A struggle between opposing forces in a work of literature

    2._____Giving human qualities to something that is not human



    3._____A person or force which opposes the protagonist in a literary work

    4._____associations connected to a certain word

    5._____The central character in a literary work, whom we want to succeed

    6._____When and where a story takes place

    7._____A comparison between two things using “like” or “as”

    8._____A type or form of literature

    9._____The emotional effect of a work of literature on the reader

    10.____A clue about something that is going to happen later in the story



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