• Welcome to Course 3, a course designed to prepare you for high school accredited Algebra I. We will be using the Pearson Envision2.0 mathematics program, supported by worksheets designed through the Kutasoftware program. We will cover rational numbers and integers, equations and systems of equations, geometry and exponential expressions. These terms may seem scary to you now, but my job will be to make you very comfortable with them by the end of the year. You will apply real-world situations in every lesson, so that you can see why it is important to make the connection to math! You will be issued your textbook along with a skills practice book. You will be doing your work right in the books, taking notes and using it to review for assessments. Remember that organization, regular attendance, and a desire to excel are all important factors in helping to determine your success in this class.

    Homework will be assigned any day that we have a lesson. All assignments must be completed by the following day, at the beginning of class, when we will be going over them. If you are absent it is highly recommended that you go to my web page where you will find the assignment as well as the work from the lesson, so you can stay caught up with the class. You will be accountable for lessons taught in your absence. You will know at the beginning of the week when the next assessment will be, and absence is not an excuse for not taking the assessment.

    We will be using ALEKS-Assessment and Learningin Knowledge Space.  This program will be used to close gaps in mathematical knowedge as well as advancing student knowledge.  Thursdays are our lab days, which will allow you some time to complete your ALEKS requirements for each week.

    I use a percentage based grading system with the following categories:

    ASSESSMENTS…..70%           HOMEWORK…..20%             CLASSWORK…..10%

    I will drop the lowest quiz each quarter, but not a test. If you receive lower than 70% on a quiz, I encourage you to seek guidance on that material, as you will be seeing it again on the test. I am more than happy to give assistance on your homework or quiz. Please come to me and we can set up a time during AFT or before school.

    I look forward to our year in Course 3, and will do my best to make it an enriching class for you. What I ask from you is a positive attitude and the willingness to give it your best!