• Fourth Grade

    Fourth and fifth grade math are a pivotal years for many students. The work involved here is in-depth and fun! We will explore the basics of math from place value to pre-algebra. We will cover decimals, fractions, and percents! In the end, you will leave this class prepared for future grades and life!

    Science is also fun and exciting. Sudents will learn So much about themselves and the science around them. While studying interesting topics, students will enhance their reading skills and build on their knowledge of studying and test taking abilities.

    Social Studies in fourth grade is a time to learn about our state and all of the great mysteries around us!

    All the while, students will be reading and writing interesting pieces that will help them to be more successful and knowledgeable about the world around us!

    It is very important that students do all of their homework. It is essential that they ask all of the questions. "Knowing that you do not know something is an opportunity to learn; pretending to know things you do not is a disease!" - unknown SO ASK QUESTIONS!