• Honors Seminar - Life Paths

        learning in the real world choices making a difference

        Honors Seminar is a full credit, weighted course that meets once weekly with independent assignments, including up to 180 hours of fieldwork, Professional Growth projects, Personal Growth experiences and class engagement activities.  The course models the style of an Honors College Seminar. This course is not required for graduation. Honors Seminar allows students to explore their talents, interests and intellectual curiosities and make meaningful decisions about life beyond high school. Honors Seminar is a significant addition to the student's transcript and resume when considering higher education and the post-secondary marketplace.  

        Recommended Requirements: (Seminar is open to all students who are interested and invested in a college-style course)

        • Open to Juniors and Seniors
        • 3.5 GPA (weighted) or higher
        • Completion of 2+ Honors courses, AP, fine arts, JTED, CTE or dual-enrollment
        • Concurrent enrollment in 2+ Honors courses, AP, fine arts, JTED, CTE or dual-enrollment
        • Grades in core classes should be B or higher
        • Completion of pre-registration application  
        • Strong work ethic
        • Highly motivated
        • Reliable attendance record
        • Commitment to transportation plan for fieldwork experiences
        • Concurrent enrollment in 4+ classes 

        Class Structure:

        • Attend weekly college-style seminar classes 
        • Complete college-level seminar activities
        • Participate in seminar-style discussions
        • Polish a professional grade resume
        • Conduct Informational Interviews in a career field(s) of choice
        • Complete Professional Growth projects (e.g. college applications, FASFA, scholarship applications, college research, etc...)
        • Develop professional grade interviewing skills
        • Complete up to 180 career-based learning hours
        • Complete semester projects
        • Participate in quarterly field trips to explore community resources and local college programs *N/A during Remote-by-Necessity Learning.

        SYLLABUS LINK: Honors Seminar Syllabus

        Growth Mindset


        Functional Resume Sample I with borders

        Functional Resume Blank Template I with borders

        Functional Resume Sample II without borders

        Functional Resume Blank Template II without borders

        Resume RUBRIC of Traits and Requirements for a Polished Resume



        Informational Interview I

        Informational Interviews II, III and IV