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    Honors Capstone is a full credit, weighted course that meets 1-2 times monthly with 1:1 conferences.  The course models the style of an Honors College Capstone (project-based course). This course is not required for graduation. Honors Capstone builds on the experiences of Honors Seminar through a student-created Passion Project that reflects the student's core values, talents, intellectual curiosity, and world views. The course supports the Senior experience with intensive post-secondary planning and decision-making.  Honors Capstone is a significant addition to the student's resume and transcript.

    Requirements: (Project-oriented seniors are encouraged to consider Capstone even if they have not completed Seminar; see Mr. Scrivner for details.)

    • Completion of Honors Seminar course with a grade B or higher, OR - a detailed CAPSTONE PROJECT PROPOSAL
    • Open to seniors only
    • 3.5 GPA (weighted) or higher
    • Concurrent enrollment in 2+ Honors courses, AP, fine arts, JTED, CTE or dual-enrollment
    • Grades in core classes should be B or higher
    • Completion of pre-registration application  
    • Strong work ethic
    • Highly motivated
    • Reliable attendance record
    • Commitment to transportation plan for fieldwork experiences
    • Concurrent enrollment in 4+ classes 

    Class Structure:

    • Develop and implement a research-based Capstone Passion Project (est. 30 hours/quarter)
    • Attend college-style seminar classes 
    • Complete college-level activities
    • Participate in seminar-style discussions
    • Polish a professional grade resume
    • Complete at least one Arizona university admissions application
    • Complete a college level essay (topic is student's choice)
    • Conduct Informational Interviews in a career field(s) of choice
    • Develop professional grade interviewing skills
    • Participate in quarterly/semester field trips to explore community resources and local college programs 

    SYLLABUS LINK: Honors Capstone Syllabus