The first link is our AHS slideshow on Gifted Brains that provides more in-depth information and understanding about gifted learners.  (Additional links to resources are listed below the slideshow.) Some of the big take-aways include:

        • The legal definition for giftedness is a 97% score in quantitative, visual-spatial and/or verbal reasoning.
        • The traits of giftedness are what we focus on in order to support a wide range of learners.
        • The gifted brain is physically different - composed of MORE neural connections that are smoother and faster processing. There are some helpful images in the slideshow to demonstrate this principle.
        • The gifted part of the brain is like a Super Information Highway because that part processes, synthesizes and applies information with speed and eloquence. The gifted part of the brain craves novelty, problem-solving, creativity and diversity.
        • The gifted part of the brain is INTENSE. Gifted Intensity is one of the most interesting parts of the slideshow. Check it out - you will likely find your "Intensity" channel there!
        • Not all parts of the brain are gifted, creating disparities in how a gifted student learns and functions. The gifted parts are on the Super Information Highway, traveling at mach-speed, while the other brain parts are traveling at the speed limit, or sometimes - stuck in a traffic jam.
        • Some gifted students are high-achievers, and some are under-achievers. 
        • Many gifted students struggle with Dual-Diagnosis, meaning they are coping with a learning, social-emotional and/or physical challenge.
        • ALL gifted students struggle at some point with feeling "out of sync" with their peers. They may experience developmental delays and/or leaps along the way, and gifted learners perceive the world from a unique lens - often described as "old souls." 


        REACH Standards

        REACH standards for Amphi High school are aligned with the NAGC standards for gifted education.

        NAGC Programming for Standards in GIFTED ED

        High School REACH Standards