• Math/English Lab Syllabus and Procedures


    Welcome to class!  This syllabus is a guide to the things you should know and implement to be successful.


    Edgenuity Online Class Overview:


    Edgenuity is different than a traditional course because it is self-paced and online; you will learn all the concepts covered in a regular class at your own pace in an online environment. Your coursework (listening to instruction from on-screen instructors, completing vocabulary activities, assignments, lab activities, and online quizzes/tests) will take place during this class period; however, you will be required to access the program outside of class if you fall behind. The advantage of being self-paced is that you can move quickly through material that you know well and spend more time on the topics with which you need more help.


    To be successful in this course it is essential that you are present and on time every day, on task at all times within the class, and move efficiently through the material. Help will be here to support you, but ultimately your success is in your hands.



    Progress Indicators on Edgenuity:           


    • Course Completed:  The percentage of the course you have completed.
    • Target Completion:  The percentage of the course that should be completed thus far.
    • Overall Grade:  The grade you've earned on the portion of the course you've completed.
    • Actual Grade:  The grade you would be assigned at this point with a deduction for the items you are behind. If you are behind in your coursework the Actual Grade will be lower than the Overall Grade.
    • Relative Grade:  The grade you would be assigned IF you quit the course today. When you are 100% finished, the Relative and Overall grades will be the same.




    • For credit recovery courses, there will be a pretest at the beginning of each lesson.  A minimum score of 70% shows mastery of the topic and will allow you to skip the lesson.
    • There is a quiz at the end of each lesson.  You must get a minimum score of 60% on these in order to proceed with the program. If you score lower than 60%, please either re-watch the video, redo the assignment, and/or ask the teacher for assistance.  You will then be given additional retakes to raise your grade.
    • All tests must be taken in the classroom.
    • You should be taking notes just as you should in a regular classroom. You will be able to use your notes on all tests and quizzes. The better the notes you take, the easier the assessments will be!





    Class Procedures:


    The following procedures which will help keep you organized and create an atmosphere that is well-suited to learning.


    • Be in your seat when the bell rings.  Log in to the computer.  Have your supplies on your desk:  notebook, guided notes, pen/pencil, calculator, and/or headphones and your cell phone in the carrier.
    • The learning process requires alertness. Learning is not a passive activity; students are expected to take notes or complete guided notes and stay engaged.
    • A silent, uninterrupted environment is essential for most students to perform at their optimal level. Since there will be always be someone taking an assessment, there will be no talking with other students.
    • In class, you must sign-in to Edgenuity through BLOCKSI on the CLEVER page.
      • Using the computers for any purpose other than the online course material is not permitted. This includes accessing email, games, instant messaging, music sites, or paint programs. You may only access the Edgenuity program and the sites it links to.
      • CDO values academic integrity.  Your grade is a reflection of what YOU know.  Accessing other sites to obtain answers on quizzes, assignments, or tests violates school policy and will result in a failing grade and disciplinary action.
    • Do not tamper with the computer equipment. Violations will be referred to administration.
    • You are not permitted to print anything without permission of the teacher.




    • It is important to fully utilize the class time available to you.  You must be in class on-time, every day.
      • The school tardy policy will be strictly followed.
      • Hall pass usage will be limited. 


    Grade Reporting:


    • You do not earn credit or receive a grade for the Intervention or Lab class itself.  Rather, credit and a grade is earned upon completion of the online course.
      • There will be no grade in Tyler for the Intervention or Lab class
      • Once a class is completed, we report the grade directly to the registrar’s office.  It is then recorded on the student’s transcripts
    • Parents/guardians will be receiving a weekly email (Mondays) directly from Edgenuity that details the student’s progress. 

    Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.  Here’s to a successful year!