• Music Classroom Expectations:


    M - Make your best effort

    U - Use good posture for the kind of music you're making

    S - Summarize the lesson

    I - Instruments are used as directed

    C - Cooperate and encourage


    All elementary students at Walker get to come to music once a week. The Curriculum is based on the Arizona Department of Education's General Music Standards. The curriculum I've designed and implement will expand your child's musical knowledge while cultivatinig his or her skills through music-making in several key areas. Each of the content areas is presented at the level of complexity appropriate for a student's age and stage of development. My main goal is to make music as engaging and fun as possible so that they will enjoy exploring the different aspects of music. 
     Areas of musical focus:

    reading and writing music notation
    singing technique
    percussion and recorder playing technique
    listening to evaluate
    composing and arranging

    relating music to other areas of academic content
    (math, science, social studies, and reading)


    In addition to weekly general music classes, all the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade students have the opportunity to participate in the Walker Choir. For the 2015-2016 school year, Walker Choir rehearsals will start September 3rd. The rehearsal time is usually during students' lunch on Wednesdays but I am now teaching the choir content as part of a multicultural music unit. Students who with to participate in the choir festival in March and the Spring concert in May, will need to sign and return forms that I'll be sending out a few weeks before each concert.


    Other performing ensembles at Walker Elementary include:

    The Walker Elementary Band and Orchestra.  This year rehearsals for band are during the 4th or 5th grade students' regular music time, and after school on Tuesdays from 2:15-4:00 with Mrs. Russell in the music room #37. 

    Orchestra meets with Mrs. Foreman on Mondays and Tuesdays after school on the MPR stage. 



    Many of our students are also taking part in musical productions throughout the year. Check out the School's calendar link in order to stay tuned for more details about which classes and grades are performing and the dates and times of these performances!


    For more information about my grading rubric, the state music standards,  or for an update on your child's progress, please feel free to call or e-mail me.