• Class Information

    Classroom Rules:

    • Follow directions
    • Raise your hand to speak
    • Make smart choices
    • Be Kind
    • Make your dear teacher happy

    Classroom Management

    In order to guarantee your child the excellent learning environment they deserve, we are utilizing the following plan. The purpose of this plan is to develop self-discipline, responsibility and respect, which builds self-esteem and a positive character. Please discuss and reinforce the importance of this plan with your child.

    Each student has their own magnet and they are able to earn 5 colors each day. The colors represent the behavior they had that day. Each color represents a point value as well. At the end of the week, students must have earned at least 12 points to get Fun Friday. If they do not have 12 points, they will be in study hall for Fun Friday. If a student has earned over 15 points, they are able to choose from the prize basket.

    • Purple: Excellent, role model behavior. 4 points
    • Blue: Great behavior. 3 points
    • Green: One warning has been given and the behavior has occurred again, resulting in the magnet being moved down. 2 points
    • Yellow: Magnet has been moved down twice now due to poor behavior. 1 point
    • Red: Magnet has been moved down three times now due to poor behavior. 0 points

    Students are able to earn red raffle tickets for positive behavior in class. At the end of the week, we do a raffle with all of their tickets. Students can take a trip to the prize basket if their ticket is called. Students can also earn participation tickets during class. At the end of each month, the three students with the most participation tickets will get a treat from wherever they'd like. If a student goes the entire month without moving their magnet down to green, yellow, or red, they are able to get lunch from anywhere they would like. When the entire class is working together cooperatively, they earn marbles. Once the marble jar is filled, the entire class earns a reward.



    In order to increase learning time and decrease bathroom abuse, the best time for your child to use the bathroom is before school, while coming back from specials, and lunch recess. We ask that students do not ask to use the restroom within 45 minutes of lunch recess, however, if it is an emergency they are able to go.