• Classroom Management


    • Green Card earns honor ticket at the end of the day.
    • Yellow card loses 5 minutes of recess.
    • Red card loses entire recess.
    • Double red calls parent and may have to visit principal for further disciplinary action, depending on the infraction.
      • Honor Tickets are earned for exceptional behavior. Once a student earns 10 Honor Tickets, they may go to the treasure box on Friday. If they are not present on Friday, they will have to wait until the following Friday. If a student has 10 Honor Tickets on Friday, but is on red or yellow, they will not be allowed to go to the treasure box.
      • Star Party - One exceptional star student is chosen from our class weekly. At the end of the quarter, the nine star students will participate in our class Star Party. These are students who consistently follow the Code of Honor.

    Small Group

    • Each cooperating table earns Tiger Awards throughout the day. The table with the most Tiger Awards at the end of the day is rewarded. This could be anything from an eraser to a fruit rollup to extra computer time.

    Whole Class

    • When the entire class is working together cooperatively, they earn marbles. Once the marble jar is filled, the entire class earns a reward.

    ABC's of The Week

    • Your child will go home with a daily behavior chart that they have filled out based on reflecting on their own behavior in class. At the end of the week the chart will need to be signed by a parent and returned on Monday.


    In order to increase learning time and decrease bathroom abuse, the best time for your child to use the bathroom is before school, morning recess, lunch recess and no sooner than 20 minutes after a recess. If your child needs to use the bathroom any other time, he/she may do so, but they will need to change their card to yellow. Please notify me, if your child has extenuating circumstances.


    At Amphitheater School District, we have managed to preserve our Fine Arts Program. At Prince we provide the students with a certified teaching specialist in Music, Art, P.E., 21st Century Skills (technology) and Library Skills. Our class schedule is as follows:

    Monday:        Art               12:45

    Tuesday:       Music            12:45

    Wednesday:   P.E.              12:45 (Wear Sneakers!)

    Thursday:      Library          9:20

    Friday:          21st Century  12:45


    Classroom Discipline

    In order to guarantee your child the excellent learning environment they deserve, we are utilizing the following discipline plan. the purpose of this plan is to develop self-discipline, responsibility and respect, which builds self-esteem and a positive character. Please discuss and reinforce the importance of this plan with your child.


    All students are expected to behave appropriately in the classroom and follow the Mustang Code of Honor (Be respectful, responsible, safe and kind.)

    Students will:

    1. Follow directions
    2. Keep hands, feet and other objects to themselves
    3. Let one person speak at a time
    4. Take care of personal and school property
    5. Use nice words when speaking to others
    6. Turn in homework on time
    7. Come to school every day and on time prepared to work


    Student who follow the Mustang Code of Honor will be rewarded with the following:

    1. Praise
    2. Special items, activities and/or treats
    3. Positive notes, stickers and/or stamps
    4. Class celebrations
    5. Recognized on the morning announcements
    6. Self gratification
    7. Life Skills
    8. Being looked up to by fellow peers


    If a student chooses to break a rule, the following will occur:

    1. Verbal reminder
    2. Change card to yellow and lose five minutes of recess
    3. Change card to red and lose entire recess
    4. Change card to double red and go to the office
      *You will be called, if your child is sent to the office.