• Classroom Rules

    • Be Respectful
    • Be Responsible
    • Be Safe

    Class Expectations

    Students are expected to arrive to class ready to move. This means students should be wearing shoes that are secured to their feet, and pants or shorts that are easy to move in. Students are also expected to give their best effort with whatever game or activity is happening that day.

    Student Grades

    Student Grades are going to be based on a four point scale. Three points can be earned by the students by showing up to class once a week and giving 100% effort. Points may be taken away for repeated behavior issues, consistently not wearing appropriate clothing, or major safety issues. The last point can be earned by completing one homework assignment per quarter and turning it in to me before the assigned due date. Homework details can be found on the class assignments page.

    Discipline Plan

    Students will receive a warning for any behavior that they should not be doing. If a behavior continues after the warning students will be sent to a "refocus" where they will sit down, look at the wall and think about the class rules. Before returning to play student's must answer what rule they were breaking and how they will correct the issue. The first "refocus" will last approximately three minutes, a second "refocus" will last about ten minutes. If a student is sent to a third "refocus" they will sit out the remainder of that class period, but will be allowed to try again when they return to class the next time.