• Grow, learn and play

    Class Information

    All subjects taught in full day Kindergarten inlcude Reading, Writing, Math, Math Problem Solving, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Music, Art, Library and Computer Lab.

    Subjects taught in half-day Kindergarten include Reading, Math and Math Problem Solving. 

    In August of the new school year, Painted Sky parents and their Kindergarten child are invited to our school "Meet and Greet" where Kindergarten classrooms are open on the day before the first day of school.  All registered students will receive a letter in the mail with information about this event.  Students with last names A-L are invited in first, then an hour later, students with last names M-Z are invited in.  During their hour-long Meet and Greet, a parent and their student are invited to and welcome to meet the teacher, bring in their school supplies to help sort and to see the classroom.  This Meet and Greet is a critical meeting time for the child to see his/her teacher and to get to know the teacher before the first day of school. 

    In October, our school holds Parent/Teacher conferences in order to meet all parents of students in their class and to discuss progress and ways families can help their child at home with learning. During the fall semester, all Kindergarten children go on a wallking field trip to the Golder Ranch Fire Station to learn about community workers, fire safety and how firefighters are people under all of their gear. 

    All Kindergarten children go on 1-2 other field trips throughout the school year. 


    Class Expectations

    All students are expected to learn, be responsible for themselves and their learning, share, help each other and to be kind and use kind words. 

    Helpful Hints and Reminders

    Parents are expected to:

    • Practice skills that are sent home daily, weekly or bi-weekly for your child to be at grade level
    • Practice coloring and drawing (using colors that make sense, not everything is one color)
    • Practice letter names
    • Practice letter sounds
    • Practice sight words reading them and writing them
    • Practice reading numbers
    • Practice writing numbers 1-50 and then 1-100, eventually 100-200.
    • Oversee all homework and be sure that your child does his/her own work and check your child's homework
    • Check your child's backpack on a daily basis to see practice work, see the progress on classwork and look over homework and take all daily papers out of the backpack
    • Do homework on a daily basis with your Kindergarten student if work comes home unfinished
    • Observe your child while doing homework to oversee quality and correctness (you are their first teacher)
    • Be sure monthly reading calendars come back at the end of the month (this is a homework requirement for everyone)
    • Be sure that there are no toys in your child's backpack as per school rules
    • Read to and with your child every day. This is an investment in your child's future